Species: seuwayotes

The Blazondeer, plus a chart I was working on that was supposed to show all the mystery beings. About 2/3 of the way through I decided I needed to expand the neutral column in the middle into two columns (and re-evaluate everything in it) and add another one at the right though, so I had to abandon it.

Stablehand: Synergiser & Seuwayote + a little more about mystery beings

At top is the Seuwayote, and at bottom is the Synergiser! Or a rather rough version of it, anyway. The Seuwayote is probably not totally final either. But at least I can tell you about it now.

The Seuwayote (Say-ooh-wa-yo-tay) is like a coyote of shadow. Though individuals’ colours can vary, every Seuwayote’s body is split into two distinct colours which are usually fairly unsaturated. Usually, this split is symmetrical, but some Seuwayotes’ colours seem to be able to shift such that more of their body is the light colour or more of their body is the dark colour,

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