Species: reflectors


So the other day I was having a stupid little thought about people having Reflector MBs that could act as mini-Hfenixata. I haven’t talked about Reflectors much cause they haven’t been developed very much but basically they reside in a host and then the host and Reflector sort of “reflect” each other, that is, bring out hidden qualities of each other through their intertwinedness. They’re basically a carryover from my dropped (and in-reboot) Tyrian project, where they were inspired by the shadows in Blue Dragon Ral Grad* (which in turn first appeared in Blue Dragon).

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Oh my god the stories of jinn in Islam and places are so much more interesting than just this one popular story of the genie that grants wishes

Like the one where one of them disobeyed God and became Satan why did I never know about this

And the thing where everybody has their own that talks to them subliminally?? …Whoa. The chayavana of Tyrian are practically kinda jinn then. :o

Hmmm I already was gonna make an MB called the Reflector that was basically a Chayavana, but now I want to make a jinni one too… I dunno whether I’ll combine those into one thing or not, I guess it depends on how similar they turn out.

I’ll have to think about this.