Species: orienters

And finally for the moment, my chart that was supposed to have all the Agent Archetype MBs… before I decided to redo attitudes (the columns) in a much better simpler quadrant grid rendering this chart outdated.

I’ll be making my next chart digitally, because redrawing things when you can’t just move them (like I did once or twice here) is a pain.

Stablehand: Orienter, Portensilisk, Cragwing, Wanyanszar

This post was supposed to post some time ago but I never got the Arbiter’s design done so it just sat around instead until I had the good sense to take the Arbiter out and put it in a new post.

The Orienter (Synthesis + Desolation) is a kind of living compass, with eight floating arms that each “point” to one of the Directed attributes. It has a great directional sense, and will gladly give directions to whoever wants them, drawing from what seems to be an uncannily great knowledge of the layout of the universe.

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Today I got the bright idea of instead of uploading the full page and editing it for the archive.org page afterwards, editing it into two images first. You’d think I would have figured this amazing trick out some time ago but I guess not. :p

Anyway, very initial doodles of Vergozsya the Portensilisk (honestly I wouldn’t even call them concepts because it was one of those things where you kinda know what you want to draw but then you scramble around with the pencil figuring out how to translate it into a visual shape and mostly fail).

Also, a pretty complete concept for the Orienter. I don’t feel like the head is quite… 3-dimensionally sound as drawn (I’d probably have to figure out a bunch of stuff about the X axis when modelling it in Blender) but the arms are pretty well the way they’re supposed to look. I didn’t draw it here but the head floats on top, then the double armillary sphere (which I didn’t design properly yet) floats below it, and finally the arms float around the sphere in a circle, sometimes below them and sometimes level with them. The head was supposed to look vaguely iguana-like, by the way.