Species: lightray eels

Aaaand these are the rest of them! For Stablehand, anyway.

Lightray eels (I just came up with that as a thing to call the picture and then suddenly it struck me that it was actually a genius pun); a thing where I was experimenting around with logos and also designing the Votsal; a page where I doodled Portent Rider’s horse (which I’m thinking will have a different appearance now), an alternate form for Ikazuchi (Tyrian, not Stablehand), and a doodle where I was quickly recording a couple of slogan ideas for SH’s organisation (it may be hard to read but the idea is there’s like a big picture of him with a quote under it, the way a company sometimes does when it wants to be ‘motivational’, but the quote just says “do your job” :p); a design for the Qualifier; my almost-current mystery being table I decided to stop working on in favour of the one I have in my xml file and my HTML one (the two of which will eventually just be one chart created out of the xml file, probably).

Whew! That was a really brief description and it was still pretty long.

Stablehand: Lightray eels

Um… nebula snakes in the twilight! Or something.

These are another creature I somewhat synaesthetically created from listening to a song. I’m not totally sure whether I’ll use them but if I do, they’ll be MBs, and it’s not unlikely.

As they’re vaguely based on auroras, they have very bright glowing bodies. They’re supposed to be very fluid, with any rings or such around them moving dynamically kind of like water ripples. Also, I’m probably going to draw them with small floating “hands” next time.

“Lightray eels” was just something I made up on the spot when I had to give the picture a name on my hard drive but then suddenly as I was typing it I realised it was actually a pretty decent pun. So… I guess that name’s here to stay.