Species: Hinotorian hunting pard

I’m liking the idea that Baihu, just as in DCS, has kind of this vague cowboy theme, but also as in DCS he never rode a horse and instead it was some kind of archosaur like a bird or a basal dragon (in DCS I was gonna have him and others riding ostriches as a reference to chocobos and Joust, where Baihu says something like ‘every self-respecting video game hero has to know how to ride an ostrich’. I’m paraphrasing that cause I don’t remember, it was probably worded better than that. :p)

Anyway like, Jinfeng’s grandpa was a legit Antecedent with some riding skills, who knows what his story was but he’s somebody cool. And Jinfeng kinda takes it for granted, although they live on a small farm and it’s possible they have things to herd. Jinfeng and her cat do a number of the smaller tasks though, the cat might actually do the herding as it’s a domestic “pard” and it’s basically dog sized. Can regular cats herd things? I’ve never heard of that.

OCtober: Jinfeng

Jinfeng. Hmm.

Ok the first thing I can say about JF is, I actually have SOME idea about Hinotorian tones now! So at the very least, I know “Jinfèng” is outdated.

The way tones work is, each part of speech has an offset of +/-x ‘notes’ you can use but don’t have to, to make the sentence more clear. That is, nouns have one, verbs have another, adjectives have another, idk maybe adverbs have another, and so on. There are probably multiple ways to distinguish each part of speech, as well as definitely some slack for how big the offset’s magnitude is.

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