Species: Hfenix

Ok so, the revised series of events for the TTs after the 6kh story is out is this.

(spoilersish kinda for the story, “The Notice”; you may want to read it first)


Misc things I knew but didn’t write down yet

  • Biotranscendents first learn the ropes by fusing living things into them, then learn to simply modify their body without this aid. Serval’s cat features came from a fusion with his cat when he was first learning, then he probably had a stage where he kept a serval, but now his serval features are his own he made independently.
  • In the Epic Age, Verity and Esteem both had more prominence than they have now. Now, Unity is one attribute that definitely has a lot of prominence.
    In the Epic Age,

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What relation does the jīnhuáng have to the hwnzj?


Jinhuáng is kinda… their mythical matriarch. She was named Dà Jinhuáng by the Hinotorians* because she looks like a giant golden version of them.

The flarefowl/hwnzj are a common mortal species, but they have a mythical counterpart, the Hfenix, which is a huge flarefowl-like bird that wields flame powers and cannot die normally; there’s also a weird rule that there can only be exactly one at any given time though if it is destroyed (highly unlikely but technically possible) another one can and will form somehow. Jinhuáng is this Hfenix.

I realised that the mascot creatures and the Mascot attitude have kind of a weird relationship

Jinhuáng is a Hfenix (Mascot attitude MB) and also a mascot, same for Commander, Xzhyrxiel, Sophius, and Princess, but respectively, the Hfenix, Commanders, Malaha, Superb Owls, and Monarchs can all be “regular” (though highly powerful and rare) MBs that aren’t attribute mascots. By chance it hasn’t really so much happened though that any of these species have had non-mascot duplicates even though it’s perfectly possible (I soooort of see there being many Malaha from time to time but them fading in and out of existence the way MBs do). It’s kinda weird.

I really don’t know what I’m gonna do about “phoenix” in MB language because it most naturally turns into “Hfenix” but “hf” most often replaces “p” rather than “ph” so it kinda sounds a bit obliquely like penis and you have to pronounce the x the very specific MB-language way and the e “ay” as it always is in that language for the similarity to go away.

I don’t want to change it but at the same time it makes me a bit uneasy.

I lied. These flags are taking forever so I’m posting the sketches now, as well as a mostly unrelated page where I mostly drew mystery beings’ feet.

The “final” designs, or the ones I’m vectorising right now at least, are just the left column and the first and last flags in the second column (they’re supposed to be one flag; the first one is just the foreground of that flag so I could draw/trace it easier). All the others are scrapped ideas!

I’m not going to explain any more right now because Sangkara is for that.