Species: heavenscratch

Zxelhziar and the diamond bosses

Sometimes only my stupid AUs of existing things can get me off my butt to finish stuff :p

Today I was like I’mma design the (G.E.M.) boss diamonds and each one is gonna be two Stablehand mascots squashed together because they were each going to have two attributes anyway
But like a third of the mascots were undesigned so I had to assign a mascot to Fantasy and Will and design all of them (haven’t formally designed them yet actually)

The mascot of Fantasy is Zxelhziar, and the name is a reverse of “Xzhyrxiel”.


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It’s kind of interesting how with Cleverbotstuck I came up with “technotranscendent” Dirk and then with DCS I came up with machairodont Dirk and in Stablehand I added the technotranscendents as a faction because I thought that would be cool and shortly after that in homeSUCK I made John into a technotranscendent of sorts, and then I had to pick a creature to represent the Fantasy attribute so I picked the “panther”, and the hexart I designed around the panther made me think, well what if cats with wings were a fantasy creature in this world even though dragons and griffins and things exist, so then the cœlailurus is this thing and it kind of boots the panther out, and when I put it on the Zefír flag I coloured it various shades of blue which were incidentally kinda like the Breath colours honestly, and then I come up with “Heavenscratch Beastquest Tenkai” as a new title for the reboot of my old project and then I’m designing “heavenscratch” as a creature because why the hell not and I decide to make it a cœlailurus but I drew it with slightly machairodontish features so I make it a full-on machairodont with wings.

And I feel so weird for intuitively thinking that “machairodont” and “wings” are things that just go together because they both got incidentally associated with Dirk.

I guess this is also a good example of how originality is easiest to build incrementally and it’s much rarer to just suddenly “be original”.

Tenkai: An Idea…

So, I tried out Epic Pets recently, and I was pleasantly surprised with it. I loved the designs for the lightning cat and the later forms of the earth (?) jackaldog, as well as the textures and interface.

But at the same time, it troubled me that this would mean I’d be getting into yet another nonlibre fandom that would have to remain separate from my original work, and which by putting restricted ideas in my head would limit my creativity.

Then I suddenly got an idea.

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