Species: Generals

Oh yeah.
I realised earlier that probably Commander’s species name is not Commander but General
Like, as in, featureless and unspecific but also a military officer

It fits weirdly well with the dual nature of the mascots as both Directed (in this case Mach) and Undirected (in this case Clarity) I’ve been establishing with Jinhuáng, and…. mainly her. Dammit. But Princess, Xzhyrxiel, and Sophius all kind of have a hollow side that may have to do with indirection. Princess could definitely be connected to Ruin.

I realised that the mascot creatures and the Mascot attitude have kind of a weird relationship

Jinhuáng is a Hfenix (Mascot attitude MB) and also a mascot, same for Commander, Xzhyrxiel, Sophius, and Princess, but respectively, the Hfenix, Commanders, Malaha, Superb Owls, and Monarchs can all be “regular” (though highly powerful and rare) MBs that aren’t attribute mascots. By chance it hasn’t really so much happened though that any of these species have had non-mascot duplicates even though it’s perfectly possible (I soooort of see there being many Malaha from time to time but them fading in and out of existence the way MBs do). It’s kinda weird.