Species: fulvopards

I lied. These flags are taking forever so I’m posting the sketches now, as well as a mostly unrelated page where I mostly drew mystery beings’ feet.

The “final” designs, or the ones I’m vectorising right now at least, are just the left column and the first and last flags in the second column (they’re supposed to be one flag; the first one is just the foreground of that flag so I could draw/trace it easier). All the others are scrapped ideas!

I’m not going to explain any more right now because Sangkara is for that.

Stablehand scraps, 5/2~7/24

Has it really been TWO MONTHS since I did the last summary post already? That’s a long time.

Well, anyway, here are all the scrappier things that happened in that timeframe!


Fulvopards are pardeans, an odd group of “mid-sized” cats that I’m still figuring out. The main idea though is that they evolved from the close ancestors of either “big” cats or “small” cats (mostly small cats) but are a distinctly different kind of cat. (I guess by that definition the group might be polyphyletic? Eh,

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