Species: flarefowl

What relation does the jīnhuáng have to the hwnzj?


Jinhuáng is kinda… their mythical matriarch. She was named Dà Jinhuáng by the Hinotorians* because she looks like a giant golden version of them.

The flarefowl/hwnzj are a common mortal species, but they have a mythical counterpart, the Hfenix, which is a huge flarefowl-like bird that wields flame powers and cannot die normally; there’s also a weird rule that there can only be exactly one at any given time though if it is destroyed (highly unlikely but technically possible) another one can and will form somehow. Jinhuáng is this Hfenix.


This is one of Takumi’s flarefowl (or hwnzj, as the Hinotorians call them and as I still can’t figure out how to pronounce), with its wings spread out.

I made some stylizations of my own (including five different feather colours, yay!), so it doesn’t look exactly like the reference design, but a lot of the details were just too much effort (in particular, trying to get the light streaks on the wing and tail feathers not to look like I just scribbed stripes all over them).

I spent like 4 and a half hours over two days on this drawing already as it was (=_=), and I still haven’t tinted the corneas or coloured the lineart >_<

I think I will name this one Kanya, and keep it as a pet. What do you think?

(This piece of art is specially licensed under Creative Commons BY-SA 4.0 because Stablehand.)

Holay cheese first RFS fan art. o_o

Ok just one thing: I’d meant for there to be a black area/areas on the top of the head so it looked kinda “burnt” which I don’t know if you thought was shading but I don’t blame you for leaving it off because even I’d have to do another drawing or two to figure out how it’d look 3-dimensionally. And for that matter I wouldn’t be surprised if some of them don’t have it anyway. :p

But wow! Rather nice.

Stablehand: Flarefowl

Finally, the flarefowl! This should have happened much, much sooner given how important these guys are supposed to be, but it’s better late than never, I guess.

The flarefowl or hwnzj is Hinotoria’s national bird, from which the country gets its name. It’s known for an exceptionally beautiful, elaborate, and varied song, but it only sings these songs at any length in places it feels more or less completely safe. As such, the Hinotorians regard it as a symbol of deep, fundamental harmony, and portray it in stories as being common in times when civilisation is running smoothly and not appearing (or only speaking brief,

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Flarefowl finally! Whew.

This was supposed to be a quick thing like the MB palette doodles but it took me a lot of the day just to settle on the design so it actually took really long even though I was taking as many shortcuts as possible.

In particular you do not know how long I spent just redrawing and redesigning this thing’s neck pattern; by the time I was done with that and had mostly just the tail left I really just wanted to get it done so I basically just scribbled all the tail feather patterns. The biggest ones are supposed to look kind of like that one parrot though.

More info about them here!

Another silly dream I had.

The “griffin” looked pretty much exactly like that, and was wandering around in my house with a bunch of smaller “cub” griffins. It was probably their mother, but it and the smaller griffins were just acting like some kind of docile pet.

After that, in one of the rooms of the house there were a bunch of piled up books, and my dead parakeet in the form of a cub griffin was thrown inside them without upsetting them. It burst into flame, turning the pile of books into a small furnace briefly, and I remarked, “It’s a phoenix!”.

Completely logical, right?

Toward this morning I had a dream about ink-painting a brown spruce-hen-like bird with an olive-coloured head and a long white tail that was shaped kind of like an astrapia’s but spotted like a pheasant’s. The rest of the bird was pretty nondescript (I mean, you could tell anyone with artistic ability “draw a generic bird” and it would turn out less generic that that).

So, it was a pretty sucky dream as far as visual dreams go, but it did give me the idea to design a vibrant Hinotorian astrapia-pheasant for Stablehand. Score?