Species: cœlailurus

Xera Flaredrakeicorn and Zyra Kamaileopard

So for a long time I had this idea of the “flaredrakeicorn” and the idea Mega-Mierundaro/Arkturuse would have two Accessories that each represented Xai and Zed but I never really had them designed. It is now time to fix that.

Arkturuse’s Accessories are made of these mythical animals:

flaredrakeicorn: Es – AEX (flardraco) / U – TEZ (phoenix) / W – ATX (unicorn) / V – ATZ (griffin thing)

kamaileopard: Ft – AEZ (leijon) / Fn – TEX (cœlailurus) / M – TTZ (kamaileo) / S –

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  1. Even though the Stablehand universe has dragons, winged equids, griffins, and other similar animals, there are no winged cats. However, after one person set up a hoax to try to “prove” the existence of this animal (which the hoax artist called a cœlailurus), they’ve nonetheless become embedded in Grævonian and world culture.

    A number of people treat the cœlailurus as a cryptid and keep insisting it exists somewhere, but most just mockingly use as an example of something really improbable, kind of like people in this world talk about flying pigs. Hence, when they hear a really weird idea, people tend to say things like “well isn’t that a fine cœlailurus you have?” and “that’s totally pardwings”.

    I’m not sure how you’d pronounced the letter “œ” when spelling things out, but for now I’m going with “way”. Especially because that could lead to some pretty funny chatspeak/meme-type stuff. I mean:

    “No œ!”
    “Yes œ!”


  2. I had a suspicion the “get out of here” thing had been done like a million times, but I still couldn’t get over it for some reason and had to draw it.

    (Of course, since it was about 23:00 then, I was finding almost everything funnier than it should have been…)

    Somehow as I was doing that, I about two-thirds accomplished the revamp of Stolen Heart I’d wanted to do.