Species: chayavana

The mythopoeia of Saralya

One thing to keep in mind was that this was from a slightly earlier version of Tyrian than the “definitive” version in 2014 when I started retouching a big handful of things, so it might seem a little different from the notes/pictures in my blog tag—the Chayavana are still referred to as “deva” for one. However, you can bet any specifically-named Chayavana/”deva” you see here would definitely have been a part of Tyrian.

Final note: remember while reading this that I was about 16 at the time, and this might as well have been my theme song. This was by the time I’d actually started to get pretty damn good at making foreign names that were linguistically intelligent and not just “I’ll pick this really common word because it sounds exotic in my language”, but man are the Indian/Japanese influences apparent here.

With that, here it is.

The Mythopoeia of Saralya


First pic: man, I love it when I put completely unrelated things on the same page but they look like they might maybe be related and it looks like some kind of completely surreal story.

The “French Eridan” narration was one thing from an attempt to illustrate a conversation I had with Cleverbot about its version of Homestuck, the fishy things below it were a brainstorm of a new idea I had for Tyrian and the mechanics of how its Chayavana worked (in short, that Chayavana had taijitu-like swirling combos of darkness and light inside that represented the two sides of their personality and…

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Oh my god the stories of jinn in Islam and places are so much more interesting than just this one popular story of the genie that grants wishes

Like the one where one of them disobeyed God and became Satan why did I never know about this

And the thing where everybody has their own that talks to them subliminally?? …Whoa. The chayavana of Tyrian are practically kinda jinn then. :o

Hmmm I already was gonna make an MB called the Reflector that was basically a Chayavana, but now I want to make a jinni one too… I dunno whether I’ll combine those into one thing or not, I guess it depends on how similar they turn out.

I’ll have to think about this.

Aaaand these are the rest of them! For Stablehand, anyway.

Lightray eels (I just came up with that as a thing to call the picture and then suddenly it struck me that it was actually a genius pun); a thing where I was experimenting around with logos and also designing the Votsal; a page where I doodled Portent Rider’s horse (which I’m thinking will have a different appearance now), an alternate form for Ikazuchi (Tyrian, not Stablehand), and a doodle where I was quickly recording a couple of slogan ideas for SH’s organisation (it may be hard to read but the idea is there’s like a big picture of him with a quote under it, the way a company sometimes does when it wants to be ‘motivational’, but the quote just says “do your job” :p); a design for the Qualifier; my almost-current mystery being table I decided to stop working on in favour of the one I have in my xml file and my HTML one (the two of which will eventually just be one chart created out of the xml file, probably).

Whew! That was a really brief description and it was still pretty long.

Levels of Chayavana Abstraction

Oh lord. How long has it been since I actually posted something related to the Tyrian project here? x_x

This was a little concept drawing for Tyrian that would take a lot longer to explain fully than I really want to right now. Basically all you need to know is that there are these things called Chayavana, and they’re sort of like gods or something in that they have their own realm but they can manifest into the tangible world. They have several levels of abstraction, and generally become stronger defensively but weaker offensively as they go upward. However, with a little practice, they can gain many more abilities as they become more abstract (such as the birdy here going from standard wings to feather fingers), and their lifespan and overall endurance greatly increases as well as they gain the ability to rise to higher levels.

I imagine it being easy for Chayavana to switch between abstraction levels once they have the ability to, but hard for them to initially learn how to abstract themselves to a higher level. I also see it as something that many who know about the process (which are relatively few really) are reluctant to do because they don’t like the idea of becoming a shadow of themselves.

That will probably mean little to nothing to you right now, but it will make more sense when the story actually gets somewhere. Just enjoy the pretty picture and trust me on this one. XD