Species: chaoswork chimæras


There’s a lot of Synthesis going on on this page.

First off we have a Synthesis combo. I was thinking about how RFS combo techniques are a little bit like Gem fusions but not exactly, and how given I see Sardonyx as being Synthesis maybe G.E.M.!- Garnet and Pearl could do a Synthesis combo where they move around a lot and whenever their paths intersect they can literally run straight through each other and while they’re intersecting they’ll appear as a glimpse of G.E.M.!Sardonyx.

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Stablehand: Chaoswork chimaera

Concept thingies for the Chaoswork Chimaera!

It’s a very unusual beast made out of an odd material that seems to naturally levitate and consist of various (mostly) geometric shapes—a little bit like clockwork, except nobody knows its origin, it isn’t really crafted to any specifications, and it doesn’t make the slightest bit of logical or intuitive sense. Hence the name “chaoswork”.

They’re rather mischievous beasts that seem to delight in “creatively” rearranging their form to distinguish themselves from others and also in making things go terribly, horribly wrong. Although they aren’t necessarily ruthless and evil by nature, they really don’t mind seeing other beings in absolute misery, and if they see enough suffering/carnage/whatever, they can develop a taste for it. This can make them exceptionally dangerous. (Of course, on the other hand, if you happen to be a nightmarish bakuluki who delights in seeing the disorder of the universe increase faster than necessary, you might find them very useful…)

They also may or may not have been inspired by DHMIS. I’d lean toward not though since I think I designed them before I saw it.

Concept thingy for the Chaoswork Chimaera!

A week or two back, maybe, I drew the first drawing here, at the top and left. Then today I revisited it with and also decided it would make more sense if this thing had a bunch of forms and drew a few.

Here’s the funny thing though.

I realised that in “creatively” reusing the shapes to make new forms I was doing something a liiiiiiiitle reminiscent of DHMIS, because this thing is kind of creepy and ominous and rearranging the shapes around makes it… well, not much less creepy, at least. So… there’s kind of this “why did you have to be so creative this thing is frightening” idea going on.

And then I also realised that if I don’t change the palette I already put together for Incongurity a while back before applying it to the Chaoswork Chimaera, this creature will be red, cyan, magenta, and yellow.

Which is to say, it won’t have any green on it. :p

Stablehand scrap update: 12/29 – 2/19

My grandma’s electric piano has a Conductor face. :p

Blender just does not know how to build a stellated icosahedron, does it? XD

This is going to be a Chaoswork Chimaera, one of my newer mystery beings.

A quick drawing on my tablet of a new form for the Observer, before I go take a much-needed shower.

I got the idea when I saw those realised ghostswords a few minutes ago.

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