Species: carp concurrent

And finally for the moment, my chart that was supposed to have all the Agent Archetype MBs… before I decided to redo attitudes (the columns) in a much better simpler quadrant grid rendering this chart outdated.

I’ll be making my next chart digitally, because redrawing things when you can’t just move them (like I did once or twice here) is a pain.


In the same vein as the Panderer, here’s the Converger. It’s a huge Carp concurrent made out of a whole lot of little ones each all formed into “scales” that comprise it.

Impressive, right? Well… no. Despite all its Unity, it has not figured out how to accomplish anything with it. All it does is just keep going around collecting more and more carp that become proportionally smaller squares until it just becomes one carp again, at which time the cycle starts over.

Stablehand: Carp concurrent

Well, here are the Carp concurrent finally. If you hadn’t noticed, I’d always just been scribbling vaguely fish-shaped blobs where they were supposed to go because I was for some reason dreading actually trying to make them look like fish.

But, if you hadn’t known, April 1st is “Fish Day” for me. I don’t really play pranks on people, so on that day I either submit something that’s just kind of weird and silly or… in this case, actually related to fish. And so, I got up off my butt and actually tried to draw these guys seriously for once.

I’m not totally happy with the way these turned out (the bottom one looks weird, and… whoa how did I never notice I left the hind fins off the top one XD) but the theme I chose, where quadrilaterals are a big part of their design to match the Unity symbol, is likely staying.

Well, it’s fish day again.

At first I was gonna try to draw more Poisson techniques, but that was too much work so I just decided to draw a pair of Carp concurrent.

Unfortunately, there is a joke here, and the joke is that I probably wouldn’t have ever tried to make a drawing of them of any quality until either I had to texture a model of them or they actually appeared in Stablehand if it it hadn’t been for today’s date

The Blazondeer, plus a chart I was working on that was supposed to show all the mystery beings. About 2/3 of the way through I decided I needed to expand the neutral column in the middle into two columns (and re-evaluate everything in it) and add another one at the right though, so I had to abandon it.