Species: camotarand

Stablehand scrap update: 2/19~4/20

Ok, this is kind of a big one. We’re talking practically two months, so there’s a lot of stuff that happened in that time.

A bunch of this stuff is also kind of both scraps and good stuff at the same time, too, so I’ll make separate posts to further explain things where that applies.

My friends and I had for a short while had a patchwork roleplay over Skype, which I made a number of doodles for. Anyway, this was one in which I drew two different forms Yanha assumed in the roleplay.

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Oh gosh, bestiaries were like, the best thing ever…

The pard:


(he looks so smug too)

The reindeer, aka the colour-changing camo antelope:


I think this was supposed to be a reindeer anyway? Actually I’m not sure. All I know is Latin dictionaries today say “tarandrus” means reindeer and it’s used in their scientific name too.


Oh gods what even is this thing

And then there are the griffins


It’s like they have quadrupedal pterosaur wings but they’re also bird wings with legs on them and I don’t even…?

I kinda want to work that weird anatomy into some kind of leijonœrn subgroup to be honest.