Species: brownnoses

And finally for the moment, my chart that was supposed to have all the Agent Archetype MBs… before I decided to redo attitudes (the columns) in a much better simpler quadrant grid rendering this chart outdated.

I’ll be making my next chart digitally, because redrawing things when you can’t just move them (like I did once or twice here) is a pain.


Darn, I should have drawn this in a good program like Krita rather than xournal :p But I didn’t know it was going to be actually-kinda-good. Ah well. Note to self: learn how to use Krita.

Anyway this is a creature called the Panderer. I was looking through agent nouns to use for MB names and I stumbled across the word panderer and I really liked something about the way it sounded. Made me think of a weird armour-backed panther thing.

I then realised with a name like that it could be a bigger version of the Brownnose, like, a Brownnose that “grew up” to be a useless good-for-nothing instead of turning into something cool like a Postulator*. The Panderer has no life of its own; it just goes around trying to please others in a clueless inept way to the point of being annoying.

Stablehand: Brownnose


This is an example of an idea I just really randomly got and then created on paper in probably less than ten minutes. It’s the brownnose! Its… nose is brown. And it’s incredibly cute, but once it starts following you, it’s never going to leave.

I see Mega-Mierundaro as having a very uneasy relationship with them, with them making Arkturuse look like some kind of crazy cat lady as they just kind of wander in and he doesn’t want to cast any of them out because they’re just so cute! but everyone else alternates between welcoming them and finding them super-annoying. :p

And before you make fun of it, I’ve already got you covered:

(Actually, I made this picture when a random verb generator was giving me terrible suggestions for MB names.)

I’m laughing because before I went to look up brown-nose to be sure I knew what it meant I was just like, “gee I wonder where that came from, is it like you’re so busy kissing someone’s ass you practically have your nose up their- OH MY GOD IT’S EXACTLY WHAT I WAS THINKING

Somebody other than me might change the creature’s name but eh, I just think the unfortunate implications make it even funnier since, really, they don’t make the least bit of sense practically speaking.