Species: arbiters

Stablehand: Arbiter


Arbiters (Will + Clarity) are beings seemingly made out of bright flames shaped into chain-link-like pieces. No matter what, they only do things by their own arbitrary whims and will not yield to anyone or most of the time even let anyone else influence them. When it comes down to it, every decision an Arbiter makes will be purely its own, and often decided completely ad hoc, as Arbiters tend not to care either way about anything. (They might have a few personal preferences, but not on anything relevant or important to anybody else if it doesn’t immediately concern them.)

Arbiters carry chains in their mouths to symbolise the idea that nobody else can control them because they are in full control of themselves. They can also lock one end of the chain around something else, gaining the ability to force it to do anything it can do consciously as long as it stays enchained. In return they become slightly more vulnerable to emotional influence from the enchained thing, though it still doesn’t have the power to force them to do anything.

Here are the Arbiter in progress, Cragwing, and a quick Fuchsia I literally just drew, from one of many pages that’s been sitting in my folder way too long.

The former two I’m gonna describe a bit later in a Sangkara post but I may as well say a bit about Fuchsia you may not have gotten. She’s one of a number of side characters that played important roles in Aluma’s history; to be a bit more specific she was a superhero of sorts known as The Superpower, and the first of the Superpower archetype. In present times there’s at least one comic about “The Superpower” very loosely based on her, but almost everybody forgets it was based on an actual person. Kris, one of the main characters, was greatly influenced by this comic.

I’d had the basic idea for her design with the big poofy wing-shaped hair and the “feathered” cape for some time but then recently I found out about SU and realised it would make way more sense if Kris with her vague mineral theme admired somebody who also had a connection to minerals… so I shamelessly gave her a dark pink topaz stone clasp as a rôle object. :p

(Fun fact: Fuchsia is supposed to represent Faith, so her original name was Fiducia [trust/confidence in Latin], but that sounded like Fuchsia so I decided she’d probably go by that more often, and then fuchsia became the colour of Faith, so her gem is meant to match both her attribute and her name)

The stone is supposed to turn into a pair of big fragmented floating wings but I wasn’t in the mood to draw that at the moment.

I’m thinking about settling on the geniething’s name as the Arbiter.

I was trying to find a word that would mean “suddenly changing mood/nature and/or arbitrarily making decisions regardless of other people’s convenience” and I guess Arbiter is the best word I can find for that.

God dammit

Ok so with the Incenser/Eraser/geniething (I’m thinking it’ll probably get renamed again seeing as how its general personality/abilities are changing again) I decided to give it a chain that it carries around in its mouth

I was just thinking about how that chain is supposed to symbolically represent the idea that nobody else can control it because it holds the chain to control itself, and only by willingly giving up that chain can it be anything other than the master of its own destiny

And suddenly I realised

It’s a metaphor. You put the chain in your beak…

Ok well I’d been making half-jokes about having an MB called the Eraser a while back but seeing this in Wikipedia when I was going to quickly reread just made me think

Oh my god that is almost what genie/jinni actually means

What if I freaking called the genie one the Eraser


I didn’t really have any idea what Hardened-Duplicity would be like. Maybe that’s where I can put the jinni MB. XD

Then it would have to be Hardened-Duplicity and Gathered-Esteem though which would be kind of weird but maybe work? It would sure be a devious thing if those were its attributes. ‘I’m so awesome look how utterly terrible and treacherous I am

Seems like good company for Aiyalam though…

Oh my god the stories of jinn in Islam and places are so much more interesting than just this one popular story of the genie that grants wishes

Like the one where one of them disobeyed God and became Satan why did I never know about this

And the thing where everybody has their own that talks to them subliminally?? …Whoa. The chayavana of Tyrian are practically kinda jinn then. :o

Hmmm I already was gonna make an MB called the Reflector that was basically a Chayavana, but now I want to make a jinni one too… I dunno whether I’ll combine those into one thing or not, I guess it depends on how similar they turn out.

I’ll have to think about this.