Species: adumbrators

And finally for the moment, my chart that was supposed to have all the Agent Archetype MBs… before I decided to redo attitudes (the columns) in a much better simpler quadrant grid rendering this chart outdated.

I’ll be making my next chart digitally, because redrawing things when you can’t just move them (like I did once or twice here) is a pain.

The Blazondeer, plus a chart I was working on that was supposed to show all the mystery beings. About 2/3 of the way through I decided I needed to expand the neutral column in the middle into two columns (and re-evaluate everything in it) and add another one at the right though, so I had to abandon it.

Stablehand: Adumbrator (updated), Equivocator, Eventuator, Vociferator, Blazondeer

I’m currently kind of revising the canon as far as attributes, particularly Undirected attributes, go, so at the same time, I’m trying to work on revising the assortment of mystery beings to better fit that. There aren’t going to be any new attributes added, at least not at this time; I’m just better clarifying “ways” each attribute can “be”, if that makes any sense.

What prompted me to do this is that I got an idea for a new type of Undirected mystery being that’s especially hostile, shadowy, and mysterious. At first I just got the image of a Portent one like that,

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Stablehand: Ahalatl, Eternituga, Veriasaurus, Hlardraho, Adumbrator, Shoǔshi

As you might or might not already know, I’m currently on a quest to get all 27 (which means 29 since I already made two extras) mystery beings designed. It’s an arduous quest, yes, but I’m not going to stop until it’s done.

Also, if you haven’t figured it out by now (and I’d be really surprised if you hadn’t) each of the mystery beings is slightly themed around a particular attribute(s). I’m in the process of making a rough table of all 29 of them, which consists of three columns: Directed mystery beings, Undirected mystery beings, and neutral mystery beings (can be either Directed or Undirected).

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