Species: abyssals

I realised, probably Nassak can just walk through the Depths if he’s careful

Before now I’d always imagined there just being this sliding glass door at the back of the Saucer Nexus with a warning sign that had a stylised abyssal and “DANGER” or something, and if anybody stepped out into the Depths beyond that door the abyssals would just immediately eat them (Dark Teapot or an Insulator or somebody would probably just suddenly show up and block you from going out the door as soon as you opened it)

But Nassak has like Portent-sense, so he could detect abyssals before they snuck up on him,

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Stablehand: Abyssal

Finally got around to drawing a proper picture of an Abyssal.

This is one of those drawings where I drew exactly what I set out to draw, but don’t feel like it quite captures what the subject is supposed to be and how it’s supposed to “feel”. Maybe if I had the energy to colour it with proper darkness/contrast/texture I could make it look better.

Abyssals are supposed to vary in shape some amount, and also, as I tried to show here, churn and shift a lot. This one is supposed to have scattered claws randomly forming out of nothing since as a creature of Nothing, I feel like they should have zero coherent limbs.

Stablehand: Planestack, Expurgator

Two more MBs! Both of the still semi-new Clarity attribute.


Planestacks are a creature of both Synthesis and Clarity. They aren’t well-known at all.

They’re made out of many square planes of a strange glassy material, each taking on one of many colours. The stack of planes spirals and slides around dynamically as the creature moves, branching off into four similar but smaller stacks that form the limbs. They have a rather loosely-composed body; I drew the planes right up against each other but they can have varying amounts of space between them.


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I was always looking out for something, just not calling it “Abyssals” until recently.

It would be more accurate, probably, to describe the rituals I do to “keep abyssals out” as being done because of a fear that the gaps in reality, such as areas behind furniture I can’t see, will give way to pure nightmare logic and I will somehow be maimed by “the presence that hides in unseen places” and die. No, that doesn’t make any sense whatsoever, I know. It’s only really possible for this fear to even kick in when I’m tired and my ability to be logical diminishes in the first place.

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Funny story: yesterday I was so creeped out by absolutely nothing for no reason at 01:00 (I think the thing was that the idea of a [certain thing from OFF; spoiler below cut] had creeped me out in a pretty normal, ordinary way and I kept thinking about it going man that’s weird like a person sometimes does, but then my mind just kind of took the fact I was creeped out and ran with it, completely ignoring the rather harmless, not-really-that-creepy context for it)

that when a wireless mouse randomly slid off a computer case because physics, I just had this huge wave of terror rush over me and stared at it completely frozen hoping it wouldn’t move on its own

But unlike most days on which I might have just dived into the bathroom, brushed my teeth quickly trying not to look at anything, then dived into bed as fast as possible, for some reason, today for some reason I had a strong urge to just not put up with this bullshit

So I googled the most absolutely innocuous and un-creepy thing I could think of and just focused on it for a bit to diffuse the creepiness.

Long story short, last night this very strange and eccentric person was saying the weirdest things while preparing to go to bed



“There is most definitely a cat behind that”

“That’s a kitten too”

*very assuredly points at ball of plastic wrap taken off the floor while addressing reflection in mirror* “Kitten.”


This telephone.

I swear one day I’m gonna wake up in the middle of a nightmare after getting eaten by an Abyssal and find it was just my phone making its stupid incessant low battery beep every five minutes.

…Actually, I’m super surprised I haven’t ever had any nightmares about the Abyssals, considering how amazingly unnerving they are to me like all the time; especially when I’ve stayed up too long if I hear the slightest noise or see the slightest moving shadow/flashing light out of place my mind just completely flips out and goes ABYSSAL!!!!!!!!. Like, real-life “nasties” like ticks and wasps don’t scare me a third as much as these silly nebulous things that don’t even actually exist.

Instead, I just have nightmares about sharp-mouthed kibago on a mission to kill me and professors wanting to exact vigilante justice on me for stealing soup.

Stablehand: Qualifier and almost-current MB table

From today on, as I said on my deviantART journal, I’m going to be posting all the creature announcements and similar things here first before I post the pictures to my dA, since I now have a place on archive.org to put the images. It might throw off the download count on the page, but oh well. :p

Anyway! This is the Qualifier. It’s kind of the opposite of the Evacuator, though since I haven’t explained what the Evacuator actually does for reasons,

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Aaaand these are the rest of them! For Stablehand, anyway.

Lightray eels (I just came up with that as a thing to call the picture and then suddenly it struck me that it was actually a genius pun); a thing where I was experimenting around with logos and also designing the Votsal; a page where I doodled Portent Rider’s horse (which I’m thinking will have a different appearance now), an alternate form for Ikazuchi (Tyrian, not Stablehand), and a doodle where I was quickly recording a couple of slogan ideas for SH’s organisation (it may be hard to read but the idea is there’s like a big picture of him with a quote under it, the way a company sometimes does when it wants to be ‘motivational’, but the quote just says “do your job” :p); a design for the Qualifier; my almost-current mystery being table I decided to stop working on in favour of the one I have in my xml file and my HTML one (the two of which will eventually just be one chart created out of the xml file, probably).

Whew! That was a really brief description and it was still pretty long.

Inspiration for the Abyssals

It’s like… sometimes I feel like there are things on the floor or somehow wandering around within the surface of the floor and they’re going to attack me, so I can’t dare touch the floor or let the covers come off too much, because then they could somehow jump up off the floor? Oddly if I decide to get out of bed, then I’m free to touch the floor, but then they’re kind of… wandering around the surfaces of the walls and other things in the room and I don’t know where they’re going to be so I have to be careful not to get too close to anything (except the door, or ironically the floor). If I turn on the light, it doesn’t make the feeling these things are there go away entirely, but does makes me feel like I’m almost entirely safe from them… almost.

I think the main thing that triggers this for me is open spaces + not being able to see walls/corners/floors, because it occasionally happens to me during the day too if I’m looking into a dark hallway from the side (not the front) or if my room door is only partially open such that I can’t fully see into the room and it’s dark. I’m not really afraid of just being in the dark or walking around in the dark in general, but if there’s some kind of hidden wall/floor/corner somewhere, then I start to feel as if it must be hiding some kind of dangerous being.

The first floor part has actually almost not been happening at all since I got to college, but I attribute that mainly to my bed feeling very close to the floor and also being right next to a wall.