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A “prototype Takumi monstergame”, trying to integrate a few of the many, many previous ideas I’ve had and experiment with some things so I can learn some things about how to, if I still want to, build my “real” Takumi monstergame that knocks people’s socks off at some much later time.

Asekai is actually part of its own small universe. The idea was based on a very ad-hoc story idea I had called “Kai: A Visual Novel” I very suddenly spat out a bunch of random worldbuilding for; I may or may not actually make it as a visual novel in addition to Asekai. Ideally I would, because Asekai is supposed to be a contextless prequel that the visual novel would then explain the circumstances of (and possibly make you feel like a huge heel for your choices) by showing you what happened afterward. KVN also had a cool dynamic to it: a visual novel that instead of romance or whatever is literally just about having an extremely weird roommate.

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I’ve been working on Asekai sprites some more, and feel like this is a good time to post them, so here they are.


Yard Bird is an “alternate” evolution for Feuvog, a phoenix-like creature connected to seasons, ambience, and life. (“Alternate” is a nice way of putting it… these “alternate” evolution routes actually happen when you do a bunch of stuff wrong.)

Why “Yard Bird”? All of Feuvog’s “standard” stages are named “(something)vog”, so I wanted its alternate ones to be all named “(Something) Bird”. The first thing I thought of was “Yard Bird”,

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Socialist narratives and the Freighter archetype

So, three days ago, I was just trying to look up the usage of the phrase “means of production” for a silly joke.

In Asekai, my current monstergame concept, I had a creature named Mass (as in “the Masses”) which could evolve into either a “Wisdom Jack“, a “Grace Loxodont“, or two neutral forms, one being the “Polar Owl“. The joke is, many creatures in monstergames are “mythical creatures”, so Mass’s evos were “mythical creatures” as conceived by American political parties’ stereotypes about the opposite party: a liberal with big-picture wisdom,

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Hokado "mosaic"


Hokado concept sketch
Hokado lcd

Hokado mosaic

Yesterday as my drive was re-igniting but I was rather dissociated (so working on more “anthropomorphic” stories like 7h wasn’t an option), I started thinking about “kai” again.

I kind of thought about that idea I’d posted the other day with a semi-Undertale-esque story, then about the somewhat minimal graphics/interface I imagined programming that with, and how I’d always imagined my Ideal Takumi Monstergame as being something much more polished than that.

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I actually just got a great and weird idea

What if I made like the undertale of monstergames

Ok so a little background: I’d had this little tentative project thing simply called “Kai” sitting on the side for a while. The idea behind Kai was that there were these monsterpets that had been abandoned by a futuristic magical civilisation and had just kinda formed their own little world and civilisation out in limbo. And then a human looking for a room accidentally finds one of their ads somehow and ends up there and has to be their roommate

After Undertale came out and I played it,

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As of today (actually as of about a week or two ago but I neglected to post it) G.E.M. as an actual Twine story is basically dropped. I’m still gonna make pretty, finished images of designs of all the characters, but just not make it as a story. Why? Cause I ran out of ideas. :p
I had one project idea but its scope was excessive enough it disguised that fact, and then when I restarted with a much better scope to where I could actually finish it… oops,

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Project Fluff?

Looking up Spyro and Crash music has kinda made me want to make a twine thing where you just sort of explore an open world and there are a bunch of different locales that all have various little things in them you can find sorta like how Spyro has the gems but there’s like no particular overall goal, you just kind of drift around and bask in the world? It’s supposed to be like a mobile app you fidget with, except with a little more interaction and interest without losing the feel of being relaxed and focused on its own world

And I also want there to be a bunch of cute beastpeople, probably including a number of characters from Project Freebird (Remex/Fuchsia White). I just want like a whole bunch of unlockable characters to make this teeny meta of looking for interesting characters to recruit/trying to discover your new favourite character as you wander around

Effectively it would kinda be a little bit like Project Freebird the game, given how Remex’s objective is to recruit 1,000 other besthommen to merge with and form Simurgh. It would have a distinctly different atmosphere from the Remex comics though, with this kinda relaxed overall feel while the Remex comics have a somewhat more bustling active world with a lot going on in it.

cp -r . ../rehashkai

Ok I’m laughing because it really is the case, sometimes to proceed creatively you just need to do the thing you’re totally not going to do… Here I am literally shamelessly rehashing digimon. now what would I do if I was doing that


What I love is that there are like a million evolutions. Initially there was like five or six for each on the tamagotchis and that’s why they were called Child, Adult, etc. before the dub is like that’s boring how about Rookie and Champion and stuff. But then with the anime there were like a million connections because they needed such and such a digimon for this and surprise,

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I really do want to get back to a monstergame some day but idk, every so often I realise like, Digimon did 75% of the things I want to do great already, and largely faded into obscurity because the parts where it didn’t have its shit together were major dealbreakers

It had some of the raddest, most unique monster design I have ever seen to be honest. I mean you have gungungunmon but once you get past that kind of thing there were some amazing creatures there. Awesome creature designs that get ridiculously elaborate, involved evo lines,

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