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As of today (actually as of about a week or two ago but I neglected to post it) G.E.M. as an actual Twine story is basically dropped. I’m still gonna make pretty, finished images of designs of all the characters, but just not make it as a story. Why? Cause I ran out of ideas. :p
I had one project idea but its scope was excessive enough it disguised that fact, and then when I restarted with a much better scope to where I could actually finish it… oops,

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I’m going to be creating a new music player browser app thing that plays music of a user-defined playlist you create from your hard drive. But, not your usual kind of playlist.

The idea is basically that while most music playlists are linear, this one would allow you to create a “CYOA” branching playlist where multiple songs could be connected to each song so you could create a “soundtrack environment”, or a “music gamebook”. You’ll be able to give each node an optional nickname and tag, and each tag can have an icon and a colour.

This is something I’ve been wanting for a long time actually, for reasons that would require the Stablehand worldspoiler primer to explain. ;)

26/06/15 Edit: actually, now that I know about twine, I’m gonna use twine for this instead. It’d be… well, not too hard anyway to create a story format (theme) that’d make doing this kind of thing easy.