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The Maginet

Earlier today I had this really stupid and silly thought

What if in a fantasy universe the internet was literally made out of magic and you could like control it in the air in front of you and bookmark spells and download familiars and things from this app-store-like repository thing but it shoved a stupid “rate your experience” questionnaire in your face

And like enchantment type things were like browser extensions that you could just add and remove and enable/disable and you could customise your appearance with CSS

I don’t even want to think about what maginet advertisements would be like… :p

Haha I almost want to make this into an actual story thing. Idk what the central stuff of it like plot and stuff would be though.

You know another cool thing would be to unify this with that dinky little one-off “projectorpet” project idea I’d had a while back so Wyvera and her master plus this open-source projectorpet place that was a central thing in it are both a part of it.