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Bug 000015 notes

Jan 17 2015 1:21

I have this really weird urge to write a fanfic inspired by the glitchy and bad Sonic games where their entire world is revealed to literally be a series of little glitches that all add up to explain the current state of affairs of the world basically being one giant glitch

And like the characters realise that their world isn’t meant to be and what they thought were cool personas they were affecting (the way you kinda do when you’re a teenager) is just bad two-dimensional writing they let permeate them not knowing that’s what it was

Of course,

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Sonic Alone – 1-888-LONEHOG

I had a dream that phone numbers were like domain names and you could just go buy certain numbers with certain caller ids that were famous/infamous and then you’d just run that phone number


For whatever reason I’d gone on a whim and bought the “Sonic Alone” number. I have no idea why I did this. Just because I thought it would be funny I guess?

I didn’t think through what I was going to do with it though, as evidenced by the next scene where I was out walking on the sidewalk somewhere in the late evening, and somebody calling the number in a voice halfway in between enchanted and incredulous saying “This is the Sonic Alone number?? Like… Home Alone??“ and me just going “uh yeah, it is… sorry, I’m not really putting it to use yet“ in a slightly tired voice and hanging up.

Then I was just like, geez, why did I have to buy this number when I totally am not gonna have the energy to run it properly.

I thought about it a bit and realised, hmm, I wonder if there’s a way to set up a program to automatically send text messages based on input. I could program a little text adventure or something.

It seemed so cool to me in the dream.

It’s interesting to me that without intending to do it I essentially recycled much of the basic idea of my dead HS fan adventure, “Dinostuck: Cretaceous Square” into bug 000015, in that in DCS you had people issuing commands through a text-adventure like input bar in a game that then altered an environment and affected these dinosaur characters and chatting about their experiences with that, and in Bug 000015 there are about 7 admins of a virtual world in development and they can issue commands (admin commands that are in IRC-ish format so it’s a liiiiittle different but still) that alter that environment and affect the AU’d Sonic characters and are chatting about their experiences with that

It’s kinda cool to me because I thought the Cretaceous Square idea would go to waste when I dropped it and I’m pretty sure Bug 000015 is gonna be like, better in every regard other than the fact it doesn’t have DINOSAUAUARS!!!! or Stablehand characters (:p) and the writing is a little sparser/more weirdly organised (though in the big picture I was writing DCS in a pretty damn nonlinear way that really wasn’t very comprehensible without the rest of the story to explain it so it will probably still be a lot better).