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For Kris there was a scene I’d always had in my head that I now realise should be a bit different

Kris quotes a bunch of facts about Fuchsia the Superpower and Kate is like how do you know all that, so Kris (after pulling it out of her flow-merge watch) holds up the first volume of a “historical fiction” comic about her, of which there are like 8 kinda thick volumes

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Socialist narratives and the Freighter archetype

So, three days ago, I was just trying to look up the usage of the phrase “means of production” for a silly joke.

In Asekai, my current monstergame concept, I had a creature named Mass (as in “the Masses”) which could evolve into either a “Wisdom Jack“, a “Grace Loxodont“, or two neutral forms, one being the “Polar Owl“. The joke is, many creatures in monstergames are “mythical creatures”, so Mass’s evos were “mythical creatures” as conceived by American political parties’ stereotypes about the opposite party: a liberal with big-picture wisdom,

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On "capitalism"

So, today I stumbled onto a Wikipedia article about “means of production”. I was there for silly reasons I won’t explain here, but then my eyes stopped on a pretty standard, familiar sentence in the middle of it, and suddenly something clicked.

I never understood why every single liberal and some conservatives would constantly toss around the word “capitalism”. I mean, I understood the immediate reason—they hated faulty parts of the free enterprise system—but I never understood what saying that word contemptuously was ever supposed to accomplish.

But then I stopped and reread this sentence.

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