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I like the 3-dimensional shape of this coat/trousers hanger.

This picture doesn’t show it perfectly but it feels oddly like some kind of handle for waterskiiing or something, maybe for controlling some more “futuristic” variant like a weird hoverboat thing.

Or maybe a character that liked archery could cirque it into an awesome bow, I don’t know.

Meet my new hat.

It’s felt, repels water, and came with a silly booklet filled with random stuff about hats. (Like, seriously, there was a teeny bit of maybe useful care information, but then the rest of it was all snippets of historical trivia and etymologies of various expressions involving “hat”. …Um, what?)

Anyway I finally have a hat that looks like my personaish character’s hat, which I can use as a reference, and also just to look awesome.

So that’s good.

Stablehand: the original Red

This is the original Red, in the most literal sense possible.

It’s made out of cheese wax, specifically the kind that certain miniature Edam cheeses come packaged in. I decided to make it because I thought it was a shame to let what seemed like such a great sculpting material go to waste.

In actuality it was kind of a pain to sculpt (which was part of why the features came out fairly simple), but probably actually less of a pain to work with overall than clay. My initial plan was simply to make a generic “dragon” with feathers, but when it came out looking more griffin-like by the end, instead of trying to “fix” it, I started to wonder why. And that is actually the entire reason why I devised the hexarts.

So, as you can see, even though I hyped the Cleverbad and its nonsense quotes a lot, Stablehand is really more just about exploring random and unusual concepts and using any idea that happens to wander into my head. The Cleverbad is definitely a big help, though…