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Sorry I picked Hanzo

I had a dream I was trying out overwatch for the first time (I’ve never actually played it) and I decided I wanted to try Hanzo. For the longest time I couldn’t figure out how to fucking shoot arrows and was just kinda wandering across the architecture with this uneasy feeling I was probably gonna get killed if I wasn’t really careful or maybe even if I was. Eventually I figured out that I had to move the mouse to look around and click it to shoot (I’m not sure if that was a dream-Hanzo thing or a dream-overwatch-in-general thing) and kinda went a little crazy with it, though there was nobody around to aim at.

There was a weird little thing going on where there were like, way too many people on the map, however many people there are in a team there were like four times that and none of them were too serious about playing the game the way it was ‘supposed’ to be played

At some point in the dream I said “I’m sorry I picked Hanzo, I swear I’ll pick another character when I’m done”

Ken the Edge

Yesterday I had a dream that I was putting together a D&D session with two or three other people in the former garage I sleep in. I obviously dreamed this because everyone’s been listening to The Adventure Zone lately, and because it’s sometimes made more people take interest in the game itself.

There was one strange little twist though. Unlike in real life, I’d apparently been playing a lot of Overwatch and seen a ton of Hanzo and Genji players around—to the point I just kinda couldn’t get a couple of their famous voice lines out of my head*.

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