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It’s kind of fun to use original characters as wastebins for insane “headcanons” you get that make no sense for the character you thought of them for

Case in point: because one of my lyrics for the Zach song was “I’ve got a cat and just a smidgen of tenacity” I randomly started to imagine him using some weird martial art involving flinging cats through the air as weapons

I…. do not think that makes any sense so I think I will make it a new archetype in Stablehand instead.

I think I will call them the Katzenkämpfers


When I was starting out on that last post, before it turned into [spoilers redacted], it was supposed to be about how “jeez, why is Nassak increasingly turning more and more into a huge stealth MGS reference on me XD”

Because, well, obviously, Nassak and Hadjeza have a snake theme, they’re both kinda Machination, and they both have this wall thing going on which suggests they’re tough and sturdy. I actually had to try pretty hard when coming up with Nassak’s chapter title to not make it “Solid Hognose” or a close synonym because I really wanted to convey the idea that he was firm and unwavering like a wall but at the same time I was like “no no no everybody’s just gonna see that and think Solid Snake XD”. (I eventually picked “Shrewd Hognose”.)

Beyond that there’s the fact I can’t picture Hadjeza without an eyepatch now (this did actually come from the original shitty Nassak having one as a deliberate MGS reference because shitty, but it was kept on Hadjeza because I thought the unrelated reason I’d made up for the shit character having one was actually pretty neat and wanted to transfer that) and, well, the thing I just dropped on you that kinda makes him the “Big Boss” of Stablehand a teeny bit.

It’s really funny because, like, it’s all mostly just a really gigantic coincidence but it just, well, <comic sans>kEeps haPpening</comic sans>.

Next there are going to just accidentally be mechas somehow

It’s kind of interesting how with Cleverbotstuck I came up with “technotranscendent” Dirk and then with DCS I came up with machairodont Dirk and in Stablehand I added the technotranscendents as a faction because I thought that would be cool and shortly after that in homeSUCK I made John into a technotranscendent of sorts, and then I had to pick a creature to represent the Fantasy attribute so I picked the “panther”, and the hexart I designed around the panther made me think, well what if cats with wings were a fantasy creature in this world even though dragons and griffins and things exist, so then the cœlailurus is this thing and it kind of boots the panther out, and when I put it on the Zefír flag I coloured it various shades of blue which were incidentally kinda like the Breath colours honestly, and then I come up with “Heavenscratch Beastquest Tenkai” as a new title for the reboot of my old project and then I’m designing “heavenscratch” as a creature because why the hell not and I decide to make it a cœlailurus but I drew it with slightly machairodontish features so I make it a full-on machairodont with wings.

And I feel so weird for intuitively thinking that “machairodont” and “wings” are things that just go together because they both got incidentally associated with Dirk.

I guess this is also a good example of how originality is easiest to build incrementally and it’s much rarer to just suddenly “be original”.