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I had yet another dream with the same friend (nintenerd64) in it.

The “story” of it didn’t make much sense—everything felt like it was a set-up game but it was supposedly real life? A huge group we were with (age… 17~20?) were supposed to stop this “bear group”, like a gangish thing, in a supermarket. The “bear group” were basically dressed like stereotypical “bad guys”, with no real visible distinctive anything connected to their name.

As we’re face to face with one blocking our path, my friend without saying anything abruptly hands me a large well-stuffed teddy bear and I’m confused but I hold it up toward the “bear group”

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Used french horn tubas = ripoff

I was walking in to what I’d guess was combination-highschool-college again, looking for a locker. In this room, laid out a bit like my real college’s arts building (you’ll see why that’s weirdly appropriate in a bit), there was a pillar near me, and I noticed there was randomly a locker door on the side of it. Unfortunately this locker was very small and not really usable.

There was another isolated locker in the wall, which was pretty decently-sized, but it weirded me out that it was just a random island embedded in the wall. Thankfully, to its right was a nice regular grid of lockers.

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Oh yeah last night I had a dream that I was at this sale that was kind of like a yard sale but it also apparently contained some lost and found stuff that hadn’t been claimed. (I knew this because in among the stuff were a number of USB drives labelled “Sangkara backup”, though I’ve never used USB drives for that nor have I ever lost that many USB drives in the space of a year, much less containing the same material. There were about five of them there. I was kind of disgusted but didn’t have any desire to buy them back :p)

Anyway at the sale there were a bunch of game discs and in among them were four Spyro bootlegs.


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Last night I had this dream that one of my internet friends had come over to visit but probably because there’s nothing that interesting to do in my area was just like absorbed in some 3DS game off to the side and I didn’t know what to do with myself :p

Then the dream cut to another “shot” where I had apparently set up a computer with an emulator in the same room (the bedroom-turned garage, it’s way less garagey than it sounds but it’s a teeny bit cold sometimes and also full of crap, notably all over the table I’d neatly cleared off and put the flat computer monitor on in the dream);

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NN goes to spaaaaaace?

This is a comic I very quickly drew up as soon as I woke up from a dream I had about one of my internet friends. She has this persona thing, and for some reason I imagined her as wearing a costume strongly based on it (it was supposed to be the same the whole time, but I sloppily drew it differently since I wanted to record this but also wanted to get back to sleep; I think the 5th frame where it has the gator snout and goes over the shoulders is probably the most accurate to the dream). The dialogue is pretty accurate to the dream too, though I dunno how accurate it is to what she’d actually say.

Basically there was like this space project thing where they needed some kind of, like, experimental subject to visit other star systems or galaxies or see what the effects of putting a person in space were or… something. I really don’t know. But for whatever reason my friend had decided to sneak in and pretend she was the one that had been chosen for it, I think because the person that was supposed to go wasn’t showing up on time but I don’t think the dream ever stated the real reason. Aaaand somehow even though she was just sneaking in that day whoever was setting up this project managed to pack up her belongings for her? I don’t know how that works either. XD

(I also have no idea how you’d ever be remotely able to survive on earth much less in space without having supplies for 16 years. I have literally no idea where my brain got that figure from.)

I think the dream was trying to explain one of the avatars she used for a while. :p