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So I may need to preface this with a little fact about myself: I sometimes have this weird fear I’m going to get randomly thrown into the military. It’s weird and stupid, but yeah, that’s a fear I have.

That said…

I had a dream that I just kinda came home wearing my college’s ROTC uniform, and was waiting for everyone to ask about it. Surely somebody was going to ask me about this, I thought, after all it had come pretty much out of nowhere! And I had a great story to tell about it!

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Dark Street Fighter, show me the forbidden oldschool copying verifications

So I had a dream that… started out really ordinary, but then after a certain point got progressively weirder and weirder.

First my brother’s parrot was crawling around the walls of its cage trying to get out in order to threaten to bite me, and kept finding doors to get out, after which I’d shoo it back in. Instead of just one like in reality, there were like three doors on the cage; it was built a lot more like the cage we used to keep parakeets in (which had two doors).

The dream then, naturally,


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"You’re just like Pearl now"

So I had a dream last night where there was a dude with a large kitchen knife and another one holding something outside the front door; I first saw them through the clear sliding door in the wall 90 degrees to the right.

When I looked through the sliding door at knife dude, he gave me a “what are you going to do about it” smile, then tauntingly waved his big sharp knife just a little bit.

I looked over through the front door window and the second dude, the only one visible from this angle,

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The pirate who didn’t do anything

Ok so, I had a dream about FNAF. But it wasn’t a stupid nightmare, it was actually just kind of a dream… commenting on the subject of having nightmares about it and saying ‘geez that’s stupid, this stuff is NOT actually scary’.

I more or less literally had a deconstruction of a nightmare. :p

(content warning: unfrightening parodies of jumpscares)

I don’t really remember the first part of the dream clearly.

It was like there was no FNAF stuff at all at first,


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