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Copyheart: Caring by no longer caring

Okay so, I’d been thinking about what to do about a minor conundrum I’ve been having. Namely, what to do about stuff on this site I’d created that either mixed hints of non-libre content or that I’m not proud of enough to release formally under the CC-BY-SA. For one thing I wasn’t sure what to do about the text of the site; I didn’t think anything I’d written apart from Stablehand posts was quite awesome enough to just shout “everything here is a quality resource!”, which is what the CC-BY-SA had usually evoked in my mind.

And, well…

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On Ubuntu, the command to copy symlinks as symlinks is cp -d. Not cp -H, not --preserve-links, NEITHER OF THOSE WORKS. I JUST TRIED THEM.

cp -d /source/* /dest/*