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goatswap redux

Ok so, this is my new post for goatswap. An underswap where Asriel lives, and other interesting things happen.

I made the first post for this about a month ago. There are a number of things in it I still like, but are also a number of things that needed redoing, so…. now is the time to revisit them!

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On Asriel

So before I played Undertale, and even before I got the true end, I always thought that Asriel was probably a little shit who didn’t really deserve all the tears and sympathies he was getting.

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goatswap illustration post

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  • Napstablook’s human form (Napstablook VE) looks the way it does because I was like, with that funky quaint battle music, Napstablook would totally look like a 30s swing orchestra conductor or something. So I loosely based their appearance on Duke Ellington. I would have tried a little harder to make them androgynous but I was too lazy (I couldn’t even stick to one set of proportions lol)
  • “Napstablook VE“

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I didn’t think this post was happening, haha, but then, very accidentally, it did.

Swap AU! Asriel lives.

I call this goatswap cause it started with me swapping Asriel and Toriel, before I generally turned it into a “serious underswap” trying to make everything make as much sense as possible.