Tag: fandom spoilers

Yeah I honestly think (though still without actually playing the game yet, I’m so lazy about anything non-RFS these days :p) that the Batter is basically S-Clarity.

You have this mysterious and rather ambiguous dude who hardly has a face and whose intentions are also a little ambiguous though his mission seems incredibly straightforward at first in an ‘honestly could it be any clearer’ way but as things go on unlike similar types of stories you don’t learn more about him, he just gets more enigmatic and creepy and opaque even though he was totally opaque to start with

Until (apparently) he can become this literal monster which is where he basically hits maximum “who/what the fuck even are you” and in a way it’s not just the teeth and the weird hands but the utter plain-sight mystery of the thing that makes it cool and imposing

It seems like his entire story is just like this big ambiguous blank and it has a lot of details but even after you take them all in you still wonder what the heck it all “means” even though you’re not sure if that’s a meaningful question, and at the end, well, it’s like is it any surprise we started with nothing and fought for nothing but questioning nothing and ended with nothing

Long story short, the Agent of S-Clarity might end up being thematically similar to badbat, though probably not visually similar. Purifier seems like too “blah” a name (part of it I guess is I’m picky with object puns; Nebuliser was a good one but I like practically zero others :p) but I do feel like calling it something with a similar meaning to that.