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Some quickly put-together pics of Ariana and her OCs for roleplay purposes. A few parts of what’s to follow may be a little confusing if you aren’t in the roleplay, so I’ve readmored it.


Peter Trimming / CC-BY

Guylaine Brunet / CC-BY

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Here are all the main characters I could actually make with an avatar generator (dreamself.me to be specific) again. (Yanha, Shadow, Hughes, and Red  are obviously not here because they’re not human, and Sleipnir isn’t because he literally changes appearance every time; you could almost get a Sleipnir just by pressing the randomise button. :p)

I like how completely inadequate this was for trying to make Nassak and he just like looks totally generic :p First of all there was no hair that fit (literally), and any shirt looked excessive but then when I decided that he would be the anti-shirt toga dude I couldn’t find anything like that either. So basically this is fail-Nassak. :p

First design for Ariana as made with the selfy generator (see this post for Lance, Kate, Kris, and white!JF).

The scarf should be light golden brown but since it and the shirt were one item, ‘tacky red it is!’. :p

I also decided while making this she would have an inexplicable fondness for silly-looking slacks. Plaid, polka-dot, spirals, stars… anything flamboyant and silly.

Also, she’s a slightly different ethnicity from Nassak and JF, who are Hinotorian. It might be the one from this place near Hinotoria I’ve had a vague concept for and was tentatively calling Tulmashania.

(I’ve been thinking about it and I think Tulmashania may end up butting out my ideas for “Volitia” while also kind of absorbing part of them. How funny would it be to have this place that’s like, from a sort of Mongol-type nomadic tradition but then they wiped out this really Western, European sort of a place and then just started acting like they knew their culture perfectly and yup, we are so totally the Spanish lion kingdom over here look at us we are so cool. But to everyone else they just come off as weird because they don’t get it, and like, the only way they can get anywhere is still just taking places over so they kind of aren’t making any progress at least as far as spreading their culture and ideas and are kind of jealous of Hinotoria for being so good at that compared to them.)