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New story concept

I’m thinking that I might base the choices/endings for each character on powers of two.

I was kind of thinking about how the gamebook would actually work and I realised that it might be kind of unintuitive because it seemed really open at the beginning. I want to keep a little bit of an open feel to give that sense of a huge and interesting world, and I want the vibe that there are a lot of things you could do and any of them might have an effect, but I don’t want it to be completely up in the air what you do to get each major story branch.

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Tyrian "WSP"

A very short “worldspoiler primer” for Tyrian in the spirit of the Stablehand one. It’s much less polished and more like a thoughtdump, but it gets all the important stuff and new ideas I had lately in. See also my Tyrian page at the top.

Again, the whole “if you don’t want ANY spoilers this is not for you” thing. You’ve been warned. :p


Stablehand: Adumbrator (updated), Equivocator, Eventuator, Vociferator, Blazondeer

I’m currently kind of revising the canon as far as attributes, particularly Undirected attributes, go, so at the same time, I’m trying to work on revising the assortment of mystery beings to better fit that. There aren’t going to be any new attributes added, at least not at this time; I’m just better clarifying “ways” each attribute can “be”, if that makes any sense.

What prompted me to do this is that I got an idea for a new type of Undirected mystery being that’s especially hostile, shadowy, and mysterious. At first I just got the image of a Portent one like that,

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