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describe your oc’s backstory in the shittiest way you can imagine

  • Dragon knight
  • Education level: some college
  • Wants to become a superhero because rocks
  • Doesn’t know what the fuck to do
  • Her mom is a musician and she likes stories
  • VERY bad mother
  • Doesn’t know who he is
  • Ditto but doesn’t care, also he is a bird
  • Parents had a fight; has identity issues
  • None lol
  • On a mission
  • Backstory is not exactly his own

Oh here’s something interesting that had kinda always been part of the plan for Stablehand but which I sorta forgot was a thing for a while. It’s a cool little thing though so I thought I’d share about it. Theme frames!

What they are is, Stablehand has a general visual style or two, which will be something like the stuff in my paintings tag, but then each character will also have their own visual style(s) some of their frames will be made in kinda for emphasis, or just for cool.

  • Lance: ink things with moody bluish grayish black washes in the background,

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Here are all the main characters I could actually make with an avatar generator (dreamself.me to be specific) again. (Yanha, Shadow, Hughes, and Red  are obviously not here because they’re not human, and Sleipnir isn’t because he literally changes appearance every time; you could almost get a Sleipnir just by pressing the randomise button. :p)

I like how completely inadequate this was for trying to make Nassak and he just like looks totally generic :p First of all there was no hair that fit (literally), and any shirt looked excessive but then when I decided that he would be the anti-shirt toga dude I couldn’t find anything like that either. So basically this is fail-Nassak. :p

Just in case you think any of your characters are weird…

I’m not sure anybody actually does, but if you do, consider the meanings/origins of some of my characters’ names.

  • Arkturuse – spectrograph
  • Chaovagi – heating
  • Nassak – boundary (I interpreted it as “wall”)
  • Stolen Heart – uh… yeah.
  • Kate Vogler – this looks like a pretty normal name, but it’s actually a play on “K-T boundary” (Cretaceous-Paleogene boundary) and urvogel backwards.
  • Kris Spiegel – this is practically a Kishimoto name. Her thing is crystals and mirrors and… yeah.
  • Jinfèng – her name literally came from Jinfengopteryx.
  • Sleipnir – pretty intuitive name for a horse with too many legs, less so for a person.
  • Pterodaustro – Something about this name just lit up the “yes yes YES” circuit in my synaesthetic brain. I don’t even know how that worked exactly, but I just couldn’t stop randomly thinking of that name and thinking man that’s a cool name. So… I just picked it up and used it. It’s the name of a pterosaur with a bunch of needle-like teeth, which according to one theory was functionally a bit like a baleen whale with wings.
  • Pantéras-Leon – Literally came from “Panthera leo”, possibly even in-universe.
  • Kolonok – weasel
  • Kodėlgi – “why?”

Totally random insane crack OC meme

What follows is a thing from deviantart one of my friends brought up on Skype. I decided to put my characters for Stablehand into it. Enjoy?


  1. Lance (Will)
  2. Nassak (Portent)
  3. SH (Nothing)
  4. Jinfèng (Unity)
  5. Pantéras-León (Eternity)
  6. Kate (Synthesis)
  7. Arkturuse (Esteem)
  8. Hughes (Incongruity)
  9. Kris (Faith)
  10. Aiyalam (Incongruity + Will)

1. How will Lance describe Kate?

“Ah, Synthesising. Not too bad—like her attitude, could learn a bit myself maybe—but I do wonder what makes her so interested in dinosaurs.

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