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Bad Translator describes itself

Today as I was returning to my “nonsense dream team” for more inspiration for Stablehand, I stumbled across an odd little quote that seems to describe the process, particularly Bad Translator, perfectly.

My favorite tool, the inventor of the word spirit? It can encrypt, a kind of Story. Flowers and vegetables for human consumption. Why not use it? I think?

Oh god. Is there anything truer?

I was messing around with Bad Translator putting some basic Tyrian-related stuff into it to see if any of the translations were good enough to use in Stablehand, and…

Good lord, it gave me this.

If anything fits the image of metaphysical subjectivism and “I reject your reality and substitute my own” as I envision it for Tyrian, it would be online translation.

This is probably one of the best translations ever.