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Whew! The guidebook portion of my Monolark theme is done. (I still need to style stuff within the entries themselves but that can wait till I actually have content)

Monolark is the wordpress theme that will be used for the Stablehand Guidebook, as well as the actual story page and a few other “outside” pages (the style for those is going to be different from the guidebook). The basic idea of Monolark is to represent the retrolark aesthetic, but more on the elegant side of it. And feature a neat little “retrolark” in the corner.

Compare with my previous two attempts when I was first starting the Stablehand project and attempting to build FolderView on Blogger, respectively:

I learned from the first one not to make things so damn dark, and from the second one that rollover menus were exceedingly cool but a bit inefficient.

I think this is what you call art improvement.

Finally! My website theme for my Sandstorm wordpress is done, or at least enough to be presentable. I’ll probably do a million more little tweaks but now that all the big things are fixed I can rest easy. (Shh, I know the “by date” widget is broken. I’ll fix it later. :p)

It’s called “FolderView”, and is supposed to mirror an in-universe file browser of the same name made by a figure known as “Dark Teapot”, inventor of an essentially magic-based internet* in an exotic remote corner of a universe where computers still mostly look like this.

For comparison here’s my original attempt at this theme on Blogger (before I knew other options were on the horizon). I was at first just going to port the Blogger one but then I decided after some thought that I hadn’t really achieved what I was going for on the Blogger one and I could make a better one that was more representative of the intended idea if I just started over. It turned out to be a pretty good decision–on one hand the old one looks dated and I guess that’s good, but the thing with retrolark aesthetic is it’s not vaporwave, it’s supposed to FEEL dated but look modern. Anyway, I like the new one a lot better.

Layout update!

I finally got around to making that final background graphic, and I’m not even sure if I like it. But whatever. It’s there now. The layout is complete. Hurrah!

As of now, Sangkara is best viewed at a width of 1280 pixels or more, though this new layout will still scale down to 1024 pixels decently. I will try to fix it later so the graphic doesn’t get as squashed, but for now I think it’s fine.

31/12/14 edit: images of the layout I took later, for reference.