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I occasionally just kinda think about the fact that in the original Spyro the Dragon series Spyro’s home “world” is divided into like seven realms and each of them has a specific “job” it does. Spyro comes from the Artisan realm, but that was always weird to me because Spyro never really seemed like much of an artist

But then today I suddenly realised

What if Spyro was supposed to be a musician

Think about it. The games are so defined by their musical aesthetic, particularly this one style of slap guitar (?) that’s used in the opening but also in a number of other tracks,

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Stories are such a major thing for me and I want/need to write more short stories

I think, because that’s the main thing I feel like writing about, I might just kinda start this small “anthology” where I write short stories about characters in the Stablehand universe

The idea being like, there’s no specific goal in it to write the stories about any specific characters or specific anything (or really any goals/quotas for it at all), but just to write whatever my random prompts bring to mind and get something written

Any of these could easily be declared noncanon by the time the gamebook gets somewhere significant but if they aren’t, I’ll have actually practised using the characters and established their personalities

(I’ve discovered that weirdly, I’m really really bad at figuring out who characters are before I write stories, but if I just sit down and write immediately and make up everything as I go along (I first noticed this with the character songs I wrote but it works for regular text stories too) I can actually do a pretty all right job of making up interesting details about characters along the way. What I make that way often isn’t totally coherent and needs to be re-evaluated and fixed, but scrapping and rewriting writing is literally the way you’re supposed to do it so that’s hardly a problem)

I’m probably going to, for the first time ever, make a single self-contained tumblr/inkstand for the project and stick to it. (though the posts might also go on my server or in a downloadable TW file for completeness/backup)

It’ll be called… hmm… it’s gotta be an SH acronym. :p


That’s my working title unless I think of a better one.

★ for anyone. literally anyone. the first character that comes to mind when you think of the number 13. that one. do that one


Thirteen. Uh…………………………
Thirteen is eight plus five and minus one is four which is verity/portent


Before he became Portent Rider I feel like he was always that one infuriating guy who looks like he’s just sitting back and being lazy but is actually paying perfect attention/has a perfect handle on this

He has this spherical compass which would be standard issue in Aluma except he can turn the rings to shift to any latitude/longitude in the world, and maybe he just invented that out of boredom

As of today (actually as of about a week or two ago but I neglected to post it) G.E.M. as an actual Twine story is basically dropped. I’m still gonna make pretty, finished images of designs of all the characters, but just not make it as a story. Why? Cause I ran out of ideas. :p
I had one project idea but its scope was excessive enough it disguised that fact, and then when I restarted with a much better scope to where I could actually finish it… oops,

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I forgot that self-insert fics, that aren’t just you roleplaying a persona based on you but literally inserting irl you into a made-up fantastical memoir that’s much less interesting than that phrase would suggest, were a thing

…God now a made up fantastical memoir sounds fucking amazing
like don’t even pretend it’s not a fake memoir just fucking make up the most unreal and even surreal bullshit

The difference from a standard 1st person fantasy story would be writing it in the style you’d write a real memoir in, like write it like you’re looking back on your life and take it as seriously as you’d take a real memoir which is not always super serious. Also maybe like you think fantastical stuff is normal and skip the ‘oh the wondrous ways of arcane ancients’ magic’ reverence bullshit.

Come to think of it Stablehand will be a liiiiiiittle bit that way? In its vignettey ending/antecedent story parts anyway. I need to like do that for Dark Teapot though—not just write a page detailing his story in the guidebook but actually make it a short memoir

Anyway I was actually ashamed at having a persona I aligned a lot with (not lit me but closeish) because I thought that’s what a self-insert was; I forgot that a self-insert is another thing and persona OCs can be that but not always.

I feel way better about discarding all my handful of different ideas to make them a srsbiz character I didn’t align with as much a la Kate and going back to the initial persona idea

Finally! My website theme for my Sandstorm wordpress is done, or at least enough to be presentable. I’ll probably do a million more little tweaks but now that all the big things are fixed I can rest easy. (Shh, I know the “by date” widget is broken. I’ll fix it later. :p)

It’s called “FolderView”, and is supposed to mirror an in-universe file browser of the same name made by a figure known as “Dark Teapot”, inventor of an essentially magic-based internet* in an exotic remote corner of a universe where computers still mostly look like this.

For comparison here’s my original attempt at this theme on Blogger (before I knew other options were on the horizon). I was at first just going to port the Blogger one but then I decided after some thought that I hadn’t really achieved what I was going for on the Blogger one and I could make a better one that was more representative of the intended idea if I just started over. It turned out to be a pretty good decision–on one hand the old one looks dated and I guess that’s good, but the thing with retrolark aesthetic is it’s not vaporwave, it’s supposed to FEEL dated but look modern. Anyway, I like the new one a lot better.

Sonic the Hedgehog and then this Fuchsia White idea have DONE things to me

Stablehand got derailed very temporarily (~2 weeks?) because I couldn’t finish the recode of my “serious” site I wanted to do at that moment and needed to take a break, and in its time of derailment I’ve just kinda been rethinking everything

I’m not going to be redoing anything core-Stablehand because I like everything I already have, but the thing is

“Fuchsia White” (and also my attempts at a Sonic AU thing) made me realise I really freaking love anthros and kinda need somewhere,

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Your first glimpse of Fuchsia White!This is not her real design stylistically/anatomically, it’s just a doodle I sloppily did in Inkscape to figure out her colours/patterns on because Inkscape is great for making colour splashes whose colour can very quickly be changed. But, it’s something.(In each view I drew her wearing one glove/shoe respectively to show the limb colours. :p)

Your first glimpse of Fuchsia White!

This is not her real design stylistically/anatomically, it’s just a doodle I sloppily did in Inkscape to figure out her colours/patterns on because Inkscape is great for making colour splashes whose colour can very quickly be changed. But, it’s something.

(In each view I drew her wearing one glove/shoe respectively to show the limb colours. :p)