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On art commentary

Commenting on art is not easy, when you think about it.

When you see a thing your natural inclination is to pick out what you think is weird/interesting/strikes you/amuses you
Because that’s a perfectly acceptable way to comment on a lot of things.

“Oh look it’s a dog Zygarde” “Man that’s weird” “Is that a dick on its knees”
Perfectly normal and acceptable conversation.

But art requires you to comment on it in a different way than pretty much anything else, and nobody tells you this until you leave bad art commentary.

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Alternatives to "coma AUs"

  1. In a series where main character X was canonically in a coma dreaming, AU where the stuff actually happened
  2. Main character X was in a comma. They were literally within a comma in a vast ocean of shifting text in a huge meta-narrative, where every letter is a universe and they all relate to each other through the Great Metaphysical Grammar
  3. Storyline where the characters try to imagine an antifantasy AU of their world, where there is no magic and people have to deal with it in strange and primitive ways. They have a hard time imagining it.

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You know what?

I think my favourite perspective out of any character ever just might be Princess Bubblegum on “SCIENCE”.

For some reason I just really, really like the idea that all their world’s magic is due to really insane physics, because when you stop and think about it too much (:p) you start to realise that their world must be all kinds of weird and crazy on the most fundamental levels, and if you thought you knew anything about it, suddenly everything just becomes really really foreign and everything you ever knew is wrong and your life has been turned upside down.

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