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On grey morality in media

I genuinely hate the idea that everything has to be morally grey these days.

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On AoT and the works of bad people


Today tumblr said something so stupid in the “that’s problematic!” vein it made me want to devils-advocate for neo-Nazi propaganda and I think that’s A Problem

Dudes. Chill out.

Don’t you know that the best way to wreck propaganda and prevent it from causing harm is to misinterpret it and never support its true meaning?

1984 was about psychological control by the government to break people into believing that they loved and believed in abusive practices, or simply about government getting too big and having too much power, depending on how you interpret it,

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On literary analysis


Literary analysis is not the enemy.

We just need to do less making people read or otherwise consume specific art media and more focusing on analysis itself and how to do a good one.

We just need to leverage people’s existing desire to analyse the most seemingly un-analysable things like cartoons, video games, comics, whatever the hell you call Homestuck, narrative songs… anything.

And that sounds weird, but:

First of all, we haven’t realised and need to realise that in our modern era books—while no less relevant—are by now a fraction of the corpus of what we’d call “culture”.

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On "capitalism"

So, today I stumbled onto a Wikipedia article about “means of production”. I was there for silly reasons I won’t explain here, but then my eyes stopped on a pretty standard, familiar sentence in the middle of it, and suddenly something clicked.

I never understood why every single liberal and some conservatives would constantly toss around the word “capitalism”. I mean, I understood the immediate reason—they hated faulty parts of the free enterprise system—but I never understood what saying that word contemptuously was ever supposed to accomplish.

But then I stopped and reread this sentence.

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I’m kinda starting to idly wonder.

Is it really ultimately the best for humanity to be getting ideas about what gender is for everyone from people who might not understand it?

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On Asriel

So before I played Undertale, and even before I got the true end, I always thought that Asriel was probably a little shit who didn’t really deserve all the tears and sympathies he was getting.

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On bullshit

Ok so

There’s a lot to be said for the realisation that fictional worlds are not a description, but an argument.

The real world is full of descriptions. Reviews of things, travelogues, reference books, bird guides, practical manuals, social media pages, dictionaries… the list could almost literally go on forever.

This is fairly obvious, right? It pretty well goes without saying that practically anything we write about our world is going to be a description. Of course it is. We have our world right in front of us,

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On the realisation of fictional characters

I think we don’t think enough about the fact that if we’re going to imagine how we would react to fictional characters in real life, “if they were real” is a very complicated phrase with a lot of different meanings, and every single one has different implications for our perceptions of and reactions to them.

You’ve never thought about that, have you?

How our expectations of reality inform what we wish were real? And how if we had what we wished for, we might be wishing for different things?

I was just thinking about this because if you know a certain game called Undertale that came out a couple months ago,

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On spoilers


I think I’ve had some of the best experiences with things when I thought everything was spoiled, and I keep getting signs that half of this is gonna be stuff I at least sorta expected

But then

This one thing happens that I was completely not expecting
and I’m totally blown away because that, that was not supposed to happen.

It’s kinda like programming.

You go along programming, and when you run the code for the first few times, you’re bound to find little unexpected bugs.

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What if there was mad science in fields you don’t usually think about it in, like, other than plain old biology or genetics


  • Acoustics: We’re gonna play loud music into the ocean whether you like it or not.
  • Anthropology: Ok so, starting out with the assumption that aliens built these old native structures (a stretch, I know), we were looking around and we found aliens. Then we just kinda started hanging out with them and studying them and we learned the weirdest tricks
  • Astronomy: We were just messing around trying to discover a faster way to identify what a planet is made of and we figured out how to read people’s metaphysical auras,

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