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I accidentally wrote “the righting process” instead of “the writing process” and now all I can imagine is these people who carry around showy calligraphy pens and whenever anyone is confused (which is invariably depicted as them literally being upside-down at some angle) the “Righter” scrawls a calligraphic script word across them related to their problems that expands and explodes in sparkles as they take hold of the person and throw them onto their feet

Then one day, the PHILOSOPHERS discovered STONES. It was amazing! Nobody had ever seen a mineral in its natural state before. Up to now our earth had simply been covered with compacted dirt, yet to yield significant concentrations of any particular mineral substance. But with the discovery of STONES, everything changed.


What if there was this magical monster that granted wishes but like, their ability to grant wishes had nothing to do with their magical abilities. They were just an entrepreneur that got really successful Bill Gates or Steve Jobs style, and now they’re here to invest in your company if they think there’ll be a return

Specifications for inxscrawl plugin

  • Create “inxscrawl:pages” layer which simply holds dividing lines between pages.
    • make objects in this layer not show up in png export or in printing
    • Create/destroy on command
  • Ability to toggle on/off stock lined paper/graph paper layers (create/destroy on command, maybe enable/disable printing/export of on command)
  • Button to “add a page” which expands the document by precisely the dimensions of one page of the selected page size (or multiple of course) in the selected direction, and then moves all the existing content by that distance (in svg coordinates act like a coordinate plane which is often NOT the direction things are written on pages, leaving content sitting at the bottom with space at the top if you add a page as is :p)
  • perhaps a way for it to like reconfigure the pages if you ask it to, put them all vertically like a document, put them doubled vertically with recto and verso, etc. And everything in the pages moves with the pages. A group is created for every page (with a small threshold to allow overlapping objects in pages) before moving them.
  • xournal-style “move everything below the line up/down” tool


  • Preset brushes
    • It would be awesome to have a way to make actual brushes. Like, brush presets that use inkscape’s path along path functionality
    • brushes need to be easily editable and configurable so you can easily make a pen tool like existing pencil tool but with settings, a highlighter tool, a brush that paints in black by default, a brush that uses the last colour used, and have them all at hand in a brush palette

Idea from iffy animation in a game the Game Grumps played: there’s like a Stablehand archetype which is a ninja but totally not. It’s just about going fast. That’s all they do. They don’t pretend to be stealthy. They just suit up in black because that makes them go faster, somehow. But if you’re bad at it just everything you throw goes really really slow and you walk slow and everyone around you appears to be saying everything slow and it’s really annoying
(but you can harness deliberate terribleness at it to use the slow to plant things in high up places really precisely, if you have the patience)

They’re called Swifts and they use the swift (bird) as their blazon animal

Hmm… what attribute would that be? I guess it would be Esteem because it has a very specific skill set you have to use in a very finessing way and also kinda about looking cool.

17/09/2015 edit:

Swift archetype is probably Machination, considering that attribute’s peculiar combination of deliberation and acting fast