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For the longest time I never really “got” fins on dragons or that thing where dragons have a million bones in their wings but then today I saw an illustration for D&D Pathfinder where a dragon was drawn with these funky wings that were membranous but scalloped (?) with a bunch of little bones going through them like the rachis running down flight feathers and honestly

By total accident it made me think because the only place I’d seen that many bones in a limb was in fish (particularly ray-finned fish aka Actinopterygians)

Maybe fin dragons would be the closest related tetrapods to ray-finned fish.

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For the longest time I’d been trying to think of a way that bird anthros with normal hands could make sense when it came to opening and closing and the closest I’d come is Wings-07’s design where the opening and closing of the hands folds/unfolds the wings

While looking at my friend’s anthro species I realised that actually, a species like that COULD make sense. It could simply have a row of muscles along the back of the arm that expanded and contracted to push out/pull in the feathers, independent of what the hands were doing. They’d have to be strong probably but I think that might work.