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Xera Flaredrakeicorn and Zyra Kamaileopard

So for a long time I had this idea of the “flaredrakeicorn” and the idea Mega-Mierundaro/Arkturuse would have two Accessories that each represented Xai and Zed but I never really had them designed. It is now time to fix that.

Arkturuse’s Accessories are made of these mythical animals:

flaredrakeicorn: Es – AEX (flardraco) / U – TEZ (phoenix) / W – ATX (unicorn) / V – ATZ (griffin thing)

kamaileopard: Ft – AEZ (leijon) / Fn – TEX (cœlailurus) / M – TTZ (kamaileo) / S –

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Me: This faerie looks kinda like a Telefang monster

Me: …it would be fucking hilarious if faeries invented cell phones in this world

Me: Considering that they’re basically evil, if people knew where these phones were coming from they’d probably not want to use them

Me: ‘nope nope this supposed ‘mobile telephone’ as you call it is probably possessed’

WBJ2015: Races

Races. Ok. This is a good subject because I have half of it solidly nailed down in such a way I won’t pour over it for two days like the geography one, and half of it is kinda open but again I’m not gonna pour over it for two days like the geography one.


We all know what humans are.

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This is a rather neat paper I’m reading, it noted that while placental mammals sometimes have hooves or flippers marsupials never do because they need grasping arms to reach the pouch

And I was like huh I seriously never thought about that
Does that mean they could have hooves on their hind half

And then I suddenly got this utterly ridiculous lightbulb of what if hippogriffs were like marsupials, omg I have solved hippogriffs

You know something I think would be kind of neat is a creature that naturally grows a few mech-like elements (maybe literally partly made of metal it got by consuming a lot of trace metals) so that as an adult it’s like this weird natural cyborg that mostly looks like a normal animal but when you look closer it has like these strangely organic-looking mechanisms that move in ways that animals of its size aren’t supposed to be able to move and you’re just like oh my god what is this thing