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For the longest time I never really “got” fins on dragons or that thing where dragons have a million bones in their wings but then today I saw an illustration for D&D Pathfinder where a dragon was drawn with these funky wings that were membranous but scalloped (?) with a bunch of little bones going through them like the rachis running down flight feathers and honestly

By total accident it made me think because the only place I’d seen that many bones in a limb was in fish (particularly ray-finned fish aka Actinopterygians)

Maybe fin dragons would be the closest related tetrapods to ray-finned fish.

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The Awesome Brotherhood

I was just thinking about how some palaeontology fans refer to intentionally inaccurate dinosaurs as “awesomebro” and then

I just kinda imagined this group of punkish people with terrorlizards stylishly soliciting you to “come join the awesome brotherhood” in the tone you’d say “come to the dark side”

I think that’s kind of a great and amusing name and also concept so I’m kinda thinking about adding it to Stablehand because I know they’d get into so many great shenanigans. The name sounds like some kind of secret society freemasons shit and I imagine people talking about them with a weird amount of respect while in the actual group they are just a bunch of losers who pull weird performance art to see what they can accomplish kinda.

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Clarification about hexarts

I’m pretty sure now that the way hexarts work is this.

There’s just one hexart species, Hexartus multipotens. Being a hardy invasive species, it’s distributed almost across the entire globe. But there are many distinct populations, many of which have earned a subspecies name due to being around a long time and maintaining a few consistent traits.

  • There’s H. m. hinotoriae, which tends to be slender and fuzzy. It may have whiskers protruding out of its snout and/or front legs.
  • There may be another variant for Kskenghra,

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WBJ2015: Races

Races. Ok. This is a good subject because I have half of it solidly nailed down in such a way I won’t pour over it for two days like the geography one, and half of it is kinda open but again I’m not gonna pour over it for two days like the geography one.


We all know what humans are.

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What relation does the jīnhuáng have to the hwnzj?


Jinhuáng is kinda… their mythical matriarch. She was named Dà Jinhuáng by the Hinotorians* because she looks like a giant golden version of them.

The flarefowl/hwnzj are a common mortal species, but they have a mythical counterpart, the Hfenix, which is a huge flarefowl-like bird that wields flame powers and cannot die normally; there’s also a weird rule that there can only be exactly one at any given time though if it is destroyed (highly unlikely but technically possible) another one can and will form somehow. Jinhuáng is this Hfenix.

A progression of attempts to design the vvagra, an Esteemed creature related to thylacines (first two pics and top of next); another Ostentator revamp; and stuff from a Steven Universe/Stablehand crossover AU.

When I was trying to design Ostentator!Pearl (you can tell which one that is by the head gem :p I was also trying to figure out a pose for Insulator!Garnet above that) I realised that damn, the default Ostentator should look more like that. It would portray the Esteem attribute a lot better that way. So I started revamping it to have more of this strangely-holy-looking look with features inscribed on it in “aureate-shine-flame”. As I did once before I drew all the other “main” MBs again to ensure it would be different from them.

Pearl was supposed to have a coat too of course but I never got around to designing it in this pic.

Stablehand: I tried

Some miscellaneous creatures that didn’t quite work.

Shadow has been a character I’ve been consistently ambivalent about, and I’ve had thoughts of either dropping or revamping him a bunch. Remembering another (throwaway) character I’d created once with a vaguely interesting appearance and the fact I didn’t exactly have an Esteemed character on the main cast I tried to revamp him to be Esteemed, and it looked pretty cool honestly, but after a little while I scrapped that idea, realising that nope, I just wasn’t realising what the main idea of Esteem was before so there actually was one already, and also that this design was a little lacklustre in being too “standardly awesome”. So I’m back to square one with him, but at least this misstep made me appreciate him a bit more.

A couple of “traditional” medieval creatures, which I’m not sure if I’ll use or not. One was an “ermine” with a heraldic “ermine” pattern, the other was a very literal take on a leucrota (from Pliny the Elder’s description).

Leijonœrns. Or, serious attempts at them that didn’t quite work. Originally I wanted them to look a lot like hexarts (see: sideways one, stuff at the top), but more recently (many months after I’d drawn the sideways one) I decided it would be more interesting to give them shoulder arms and ground wings and make them visually different from hexarts, and do similar with the other six-limbed creatures. I’m probably going to stick with that, though it’s the only thing I solidly liked about these.


This is one of Takumi’s flarefowl (or hwnzj, as the Hinotorians call them and as I still can’t figure out how to pronounce), with its wings spread out.

I made some stylizations of my own (including five different feather colours, yay!), so it doesn’t look exactly like the reference design, but a lot of the details were just too much effort (in particular, trying to get the light streaks on the wing and tail feathers not to look like I just scribbed stripes all over them).

I spent like 4 and a half hours over two days on this drawing already as it was (=_=), and I still haven’t tinted the corneas or coloured the lineart >_<

I think I will name this one Kanya, and keep it as a pet. What do you think?

(This piece of art is specially licensed under Creative Commons BY-SA 4.0 because Stablehand.)

Holay cheese first RFS fan art. o_o

Ok just one thing: I’d meant for there to be a black area/areas on the top of the head so it looked kinda “burnt” which I don’t know if you thought was shading but I don’t blame you for leaving it off because even I’d have to do another drawing or two to figure out how it’d look 3-dimensionally. And for that matter I wouldn’t be surprised if some of them don’t have it anyway. :p

But wow! Rather nice.