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About me (v1)

21 years ⬦ 1st February 1994 ⬦ Biological sciences

Written 12th January 2016

This is the worst time in my life to write an about me page, but you’ve gotta start somewhere, right?

My name is Takumi Veria. My core values are objectivity, freedom, and one more that takes a quite a few more words to describe.

One might call it dignity, pride, or majesty. In my project, I gave it the name “Esteem”. It starts with an unwillingness to to devalue oneself,

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OCtober: Knight Cat (and my return to Sanguo?)

This day was supposed to be for Knight Cat but I’ll include Ariana’s other OCs in it a bit too :p

Generally, Ariana’s OCs have a weird trend that they all kind of vaguely look like misinterpretations of popular media, usually geared toward kids but not always. This wasn’t something I was really trying to do, but it’s just too strong an accidental theme to ignore at this point so I’ve decided to flow with it.

Knight Cat, for one, is kind of like a misinterpretation of Warrior cats what with his kin group of cat knights that live in a mountain pass.

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A little bit ago I’d described Stablehand to myself as having no ships, but I just realised… that’s not true. There are plenty of side character ships, just no main character ships. :p (even drakefire is kinda 90% out)

All the main characters are kinda supposed to have stories around themselves and inner growth and discovering things about… a number of things. In one way Stablehand is kinda supposed to focus on what it seems is just generally too often forgotten: the fact everyone is unique and distinctive and has a life. Every day in the real world,

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So I just realised that a few years ago, looking back on my really old project I thought it was cheesy I’d named the land Burtonia after my last name

Now I’m Takumi Veria and I only just realised the irony in the fact I sort of named myself after the “Veric” cultures in Aluma


Addendum I guess

Ok so, my article wasn’t really meant to be focusing on SU or any message about its gem people. But, a couple people got confused as to what I was really intending to say about them, and because they’re important to me, I thought I should clear that up.

When I talked about the Gems as fundamentally genderless and not technically gay blah blah they’re rocks blah blah why do we think about relationships in such binary terms, there was a finer nuance I was trying to get at with all that that I didn’t really explain.

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Nonbinary in the "real way"

I wrote eighteen thousand words about my gender. Which, by the way, is literally nearly as much as my Stablehand explanation post (aka WSP) and “autobiography” post combined, which were ~10k words each. (It took me two weeks.)

It’s a lot, but I needed to get it out.


What “anime”/”manga” makes most people think of:

  • Big eyes and “bishie design” (see: Fire Emblem)
  • Otaku tropes: friendly neighbourhood pervert, anime maid outfit, ancient nature spirit that just ‘happens’ to look like a child, etc.
  • Shouting
  • The Nine Tailed Fox, or the less-tailed fox with kabuki makeup
  • Desu desu kawaii desu gratuitous Japanese word
  • OVER 9000
  • Get in the robot!
  • Beginners’ poor imitations of cel-shaded stylised forms on deviantart
  • Taking things like card games and writing names in notebooks way too seriously and dramatically
  • anime tiddy
  • yaoi hands
  • I don’t like him or anything!

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