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Things I did yesterday/this morning:

  • Challenge myself to come up with 36 different “shotoclone” concepts each with some kind of unique backstory in the space of a few hours. (I only managed 23)
  • Decide that the ultimate kyokushinclone was a sentient reactor shaped vaguely like a polar bear made of cute glowing death
  • Write the phrase “afraid the library repo guys would get them“

describe your oc’s backstory in the shittiest way you can imagine

  • Dragon knight
  • Education level: some college
  • Wants to become a superhero because rocks
  • Doesn’t know what the fuck to do
  • Her mom is a musician and she likes stories
  • VERY bad mother
  • Doesn’t know who he is
  • Ditto but doesn’t care, also he is a bird
  • Parents had a fight; has identity issues
  • None lol
  • On a mission
  • Backstory is not exactly his own

This is a rather neat paper I’m reading, it noted that while placental mammals sometimes have hooves or flippers marsupials never do because they need grasping arms to reach the pouch

And I was like huh I seriously never thought about that
Does that mean they could have hooves on their hind half

And then I suddenly got this utterly ridiculous lightbulb of what if hippogriffs were like marsupials, omg I have solved hippogriffs

A couple of hexart doodles I did with a tablet art app a while ago. I’m honestly surprised how well the headshot came out for how little effort I put into it.

While I was typing the WSP, Blogger’s text input did this thing it does where it glitches visually but without affecting the actual text at all, and created this… interesting word.

I’m 95% positive if Stablehand had been made by Hussie he would have used this word

A little clarification

Retrolark Fantasy Stablehand” is the name of the gamebook. Stablehand is the name of the story continuity (i.e., if I had some sort of adaptation of the gamebook that wasn’t the same thing, or maybe a side story, it would just be Stablehand). Sixteen Hues is the name of the universe/scheme of mechanics and aesthetics and stuff.

Thus, Fuchsia White could potentially be a Sixteen Hues thing even though it isn’t Stablehand, and if I were to make, like, a Stablehand monster game that would be a Stablehand thing, but not a Retrolark Fantasy Stablehand thing.

All of the above is tentative but I think it will stay.

Here’s the description of all the attributes I wrote up for an attempt at a roleplay a little while back (early August to be exact).

Attributes (atts for short) basically describe a character’s personality, worldview, and approach to solving problems. They’re a little like a horoscope in reverse—instead of getting qualities based on what category
you’re in, based on your qualities you get a category.

There are 16 in all, divided into two types: Directed (D) and Undirected (UD). Directed attributes relate to things that give you agency—such as strengths—while Undirected attributes relate to things that take agency away from you—weaknesses,

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