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This is going to be a comic thing starring a bird named Remėx (remix/remex), where I attempt to explain about intellectual property for “the rest of us”. It’s always been frightening to me how few people honestly know it back and front without any misconceptions in a world so completely shaped by it, and I also felt like libre media needed a mascot. “Open source software” calls to mind the wildebeest, that silly penguin, and any number of things, but arguably, “source code you can read” and “media that is liberated” are not the same thing and it is very important people understand and be aware of the latter.

In addition to being a cute mascot Remėx will also double as a copyheart, with a cool little graphic that plays on the fact the name Remėx can be read “remix me” with the right font and the right colour offsets.

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I think I had a number of dream fragments today but all I remember is making this 2d pixel spyro the dragon like game which had very minimalist type pixel graphics but actually had astoundingly fluid animations for the gems and the wing flaps.

It didn’t star Spyro, it was like the “project fluff” thing I had floating around in my head for a while and then dropped/rolled the ideas into asekai with this idea of having a lot of interesting playable furry characters (amusingly, much like ‘project fluff’ this idea was like, independent of inspiration from skylanders but as an afterthought going ‘yeah this Is kind of like that I suppose’. I think I may even have made some sprites for skylanders characters in this dream-game honestly).

Then I got the bright idea……….. what if I made an optional spyro sprite for this game for funsies……… and I put spyro in there and he wasn’t a bad fit. he wasn’t as interesting as whatever other characters I had but he had these beautiful fluid wing animations for his six-pixel long wings :p

Project fluff brainstorm thing

The more I go back and listen to Spyro remixes (my go-to music to listen to these days when I don’t have anything in particular in mind) the more I realise that there are honestly few games that have the status of Spyro in my mind. There are games I think were awesomely made, games that had a good story/characters, games I thought had good gameplay… Spyro the Dragon could be cited for having interesting environments and overall good game design (and good music, if you like Stewart Copeland :p), but honestly, if you did a little digging you could probably hunt up any number of games that were better at that,

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As of today (actually as of about a week or two ago but I neglected to post it) G.E.M. as an actual Twine story is basically dropped. I’m still gonna make pretty, finished images of designs of all the characters, but just not make it as a story. Why? Cause I ran out of ideas. :p
I had one project idea but its scope was excessive enough it disguised that fact, and then when I restarted with a much better scope to where I could actually finish it… oops,

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Project Fluff?

Looking up Spyro and Crash music has kinda made me want to make a twine thing where you just sort of explore an open world and there are a bunch of different locales that all have various little things in them you can find sorta like how Spyro has the gems but there’s like no particular overall goal, you just kind of drift around and bask in the world? It’s supposed to be like a mobile app you fidget with, except with a little more interaction and interest without losing the feel of being relaxed and focused on its own world

And I also want there to be a bunch of cute beastpeople, probably including a number of characters from Project Freebird (Remex/Fuchsia White). I just want like a whole bunch of unlockable characters to make this teeny meta of looking for interesting characters to recruit/trying to discover your new favourite character as you wander around

Effectively it would kinda be a little bit like Project Freebird the game, given how Remex’s objective is to recruit 1,000 other besthommen to merge with and form Simurgh. It would have a distinctly different atmosphere from the Remex comics though, with this kinda relaxed overall feel while the Remex comics have a somewhat more bustling active world with a lot going on in it.

What if there was this magical monster that granted wishes but like, their ability to grant wishes had nothing to do with their magical abilities. They were just an entrepreneur that got really successful Bill Gates or Steve Jobs style, and now they’re here to invest in your company if they think there’ll be a return

News on Project Freebird

Ok so, Remėx got a sex change I guess

Today I was thinking, the thing with Remėx the Avian is I like the overall premise but I’d kinda lost interest in the main character and not known where to go.

It occurred to me that it was kinda like, my brain half wanted to treat Remėx as a fursona but half was like ‘what the fuck this fursona is totally unfitting’, and while another differently-divided half of my brain was like ‘um this doesn’t matter because Remėx isn’t supposed to be a fursona anyway’, that weird little dissonance had made me not sure how to interact with the character

I had this little….

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I’m kinda sorta thinking about combining Fuchsia White and Remėx the Avian

Fuchsia White kinda… went nowhere too fast. The idea of a rock opera with a distinctive visual aesthetic based around “besthommen” (furries, roughly speaking) was really neat but I never really came up with a story to tell, more than a method of character creation and the vaguest background.

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Nonbinary in the "real way"

I wrote eighteen thousand words about my gender. Which, by the way, is literally nearly as much as my Stablehand explanation post (aka WSP) and “autobiography” post combined, which were ~10k words each. (It took me two weeks.)

It’s a lot, but I needed to get it out.