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A “prototype Takumi monstergame”, trying to integrate a few of the many, many previous ideas I’ve had and experiment with some things so I can learn some things about how to, if I still want to, build my “real” Takumi monstergame that knocks people’s socks off at some much later time.

Asekai is actually part of its own small universe. The idea was based on a very ad-hoc story idea I had called “Kai: A Visual Novel” I very suddenly spat out a bunch of random worldbuilding for; I may or may not actually make it as a visual novel in addition to Asekai. Ideally I would, because Asekai is supposed to be a contextless prequel that the visual novel would then explain the circumstances of (and possibly make you feel like a huge heel for your choices) by showing you what happened afterward. KVN also had a cool dynamic to it: a visual novel that instead of romance or whatever is literally just about having an extremely weird roommate.

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Seven Heirs

A short Stablehand-style game I’m making to test the Stablehand/Sixteen Hues engine, crossing over Stablehand and Undertale.

More info and demo links on my tumblr.

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Hoo boy. This is the big one. It takes so much explaining to explain properly I have a whole other tag just for that.

But in a real nutshell (seriously, please look at that tag) Stablehand is a visual gamebook and libre universe (the Sixteen Hues universe). It has a “retrolark” aesthetic I made up (retrolark:1980-1990::steampunk:1800-1900) and a system of mechanics revolving around “cirque” (transformative magic kinda) and “attributes”. It also features a lot of cladistics-based (and otherwise) fantasy creatures.

See also: the about page!

Work in progress. Will be published under /rfs/ (that link contains a wip of the guidebook right now) when in some kind of presentable state.

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The Kai Project

This has literally gone through about ten different permutations and is not really showing any signs of stopping. I kinda can’t decide what I want to do with it. :p

However the general idea is this: make a “Takumi monstergame”, like any number of existing “mon” games but with its own distinctive style and conceits, and perhaps gameplay/mechanics very unlike most existing such games. Make sure it has cool distinctive creatures. And make it libre.

I’ve kinda lost active enthusiasm for this for the moment in favour of Stablehand and such but considering how much of my identity has been about this kind of thing I would definitely not call it dropped. Maybe backburnered a smidge behind Tyrian, which is definitely not dropped.

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Song of the Refugees

An AMV short story loosely based on Adventure Time, about a group of strange-new-life-form “refugees” trying to make sense of their world in the wake of a mass extinction.

I didn’t finish the song lyrics yet which is kind of a roadblock. :p


This project is backburnered so it may be a while before I get to it, but here’s the basic idea. A manga or very similar-format story about truth and perspective, where a group of “objectives” fights against an organisation of nonsensical arts that’s warping the world. In its basic ideas it could be called loosely Objectivist, in the sense of “undermining the natural order of objectivity-based laws allowing systems to self-govern, or trying to persuade individuals that existing for their own sake and by their own standards is not good enough and it is not a rational action just to want to fight entropy etc. and survive, is bad”. Part of the original idea was to have a little bit of an Indian aesthetic but other than using the sitar in related music I make I’m not sure if I’ll keep that.

Fuller thoughtdump-explanation available here, though that post reveals some major twists in an outliney way. Don’t look if you hate spoilers.

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Remėx the Avian

This is going to be a comic thing starring a bird named Remėx (remix/remex), where I attempt to explain about intellectual property for “the rest of us”. It’s always been frightening to me how few people honestly know it back and front without any misconceptions in a world so completely shaped by it, and I also felt like libre media needed a mascot. “Open source software” calls to mind the wildebeest, that silly penguin, and any number of things, but arguably, “source code you can read” and “media that is liberated” are not the same thing and it is very important people understand and be aware of the latter.

In addition to being a cute mascot Remėx will also double as a copyheart, with a cool little graphic that plays on the fact the name Remėx can be read “remix me” with the right font and the right colour offsets.

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Fuchsia White

A rock opera (AMVs ideally) set in a world of anthropomorphic “besthommen” where everything is founded on an extended elements system. Centres around the titular pink pterosaur and her quest to find out more about the legendary “Candora’s Vox”.

In the planning phase. Wrote some lyrics but haven’t designed much.

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