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Brainstorming doc nearly moved to TiddlyWiki doc.

Started the move on June 11… sifting and moving the cleverbad entry sections was honestly a little painful.
Next to move the aether locale notes into a twine story + tw page, and the move will be done.

After that? Might migrate the zukan entries, fix gitweb, or fix a number of styling issues. Also got an about me page to write.

New location of Stablehand picture archive

For a long time I’d been wanting a nice and minimal but also relatively quality place to archive Stablehand pictures. deviantART was kinda okay, but its expectation you enter a bunch of metadata for every single one including “artist comments” and also had no way of changing the file to a different format after uploading was a drag. Tumblr was pretty all right, but hard to browse through well, and its photosets were very idiosyncratic (I’ll still be posting updates there though). Also because of javascript weirdness and firebug glitches sometimes editing posts took forever. seemed great at first because its purpose was to be an internet library and archive things for a long time—what better place to archive things,

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Moving my user scripts here

Well, if you haven’t heard the bad news yet, apparently died because its owner went off to do space photography. So… pretty abruptly, my user script hub got pulled out from under me.

That means my user scripts will be temporarily relocating here, to Sangkara! I can’t decide whether is a better idea or not so I’ll just keep them here and update via Dropbox. At the very least I can really, really easily upload updates that way.

Stablehand: improved song posts

I’ve decided that with songs I’m going to start just posting the lyrics on Sangkara instead of my dA, with the song on embedded inside. It might mean I basically stop using the dA for pretty much everything other than silly dream drawings, but unfortunately, sometimes you’ve just gotta leave redundant things behind and move on to more convenient systems. And I feel doing things this way will overall be way more convenient and organised even than my tumblr, which is a slight mess with music WIPs and such all over the place.

So! Neutrality, Ssivyin’s song, will be the first, to arrive shortly.

Over the weekend, I’m going to be trying to weed all the unnecessary garbage out of my blog template (I started with a premade one, so there are all kinds of weird things in it) and giving the elements better, more logical names (or even changing the elements themselves sometimes—why are my post headers h3 instead of h1?).

So, if the site layout breaks a few times or looks really weird, that’s why. It should be fixed by about Monday, and look basically about the same as it does now. It may even load marginally faster with a bunch of the meaningless filler excised from it.

For a while my Creative Commons tags for Stablehand posts had just kind of disappeared and I was really confused, but today I finally realised that I’d left “Stablehand” in uppercase in the template while lowercasing the tag itself, and Blogger conditionals are apparently case-sensitive.

So… now they’re finally back, after being gone for about the silliest reason.

Tyrian: Artifex truisms and new "Tyrian" page

Ok, I have a couple of things to tell you about today.

First, I don’t want to give too much away since I plan for a lot of the story to be about surprise, but I’m thinking about calling the chapters of Tyrian—instead of “Chapter X:”—”Truism X:”, and having a weird little Artifex truism as their title (e.g.: “guns create people!”, except I’m most likely not going to use that one specifically since I didn’t come up with it myself).

And then there would probably be an intro sequence with either an Artifex trying to explain the argument in a TEDTalks-like format or just a random anecdote happening at one of the Artifex places but still involving the weird idea in the chapter title.

My idea is that I’ll get started on these “truisms” some time in the not-too-distant future before I try to do the actual story, probably at random times while I’m taking breaks from working on Stablehand/Tenkai. It may mean some or all need to be redrawn if my skills improve by the time I do the actual thing, but I’ve discovered that it tends to make me more willing to actually get something done if I just get SOMETHING done right now, no matter how utterly crappy it is. And oddly enough, half the time when I “just draw garbage” it actually comes out okay anyway, if not exactly wonderful.

Second, I’m currently working on separating all the Tyrian pages out into their own hub kind of like the Stablehand pages. I don’t know when that will be done though.

All the Tyrian music is now under the CC-BY-SA, because I realised it made absolutely no sense for it not to be. I’ve updated the “legal story” and music pages with this information.

As with what happened with Stablehand, I can’t prevent you from using the CC-BY-NC-SA instead if you made a remix (etc.) before today (January 11, 2014), but from now on, this is the licence. If the licence for Tyrian as a whole turns out to be something better later, I may switch to that, but remember, “better” to me means more open, not more restrictive. And I’m guessing it will be at least a year before that happens anyway. Maybe two if I’m slow. :p

Anyway, enjoy your now-actually-libre tracks, I guess!