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A random assortment of strange and surreal videos

Above: In which North Korea uses the song We are the World (when you consider the song, how ironic is that?) and some footage from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 to weave a strange lullaby of doom about the inevitable destruction of the United States.

North Korea returns, this time inexplicably using music and flame effects from The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. That’s right, one of those quasi-mediaeval fantasy games featuring magic, dragons, and weaponised shouting,

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This is what it’s like in the U. S. of A., folks

In America, people eat hot snow slushies graciously given to them by the relief effort. Don’t ask me how hot yet still crunchy snow is even possible. It just is, because that’s what the glorious leader says. He also says it’s perfectly explainable for people to be driving around in cars as though they are affluent and be desperately poor at the same time. Americans sure are a tenacious lot, aren’t they?

Bad Translator describes itself

Today as I was returning to my “nonsense dream team” for more inspiration for Stablehand, I stumbled across an odd little quote that seems to describe the process, particularly Bad Translator, perfectly.

My favorite tool, the inventor of the word spirit? It can encrypt, a kind of Story. Flowers and vegetables for human consumption. Why not use it? I think?